What is the history of the Deutsche Werk Werk Erfurt single shot 22 rifle?


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when was the Deutsche werk werk erfurt 22 single made and what is the worth?

I was told by a gunsmith that they were made sometime after WW1 for export to improve the trade balance for Germany. They were mass produced and sold cheaply.

They mostly have sentimental value. It was the first gun I ever fired when I was

6 years old. I still have it and am now aged 69.

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it is either a erfurt pistol or an Erfurt rifle, which ???

A 1915 Erfurt 8mm rifle is worth between $200 and $2,000 depending on its condition. The actual value varies based on individual sellers and the history of the rifle.

I was told when I purchased the rifle,that it was a (HITLER YOUTH TRAINING RIFLE) Idont know how true that is! THANKS-TODD

The rifles were converted from the Nazis for use in WW2. The rifles are bolt action with an internal magazine. They range in price close to $900.Ê

That little shotgun was made by Deutsche Werke, a German company that had operations in Kiel, Berlin, and Erfurt. The Erfurt plant made the shotgun and a youth 22 rifle with the same loading and firing mechanism. They were more famous for making the Ortgies pocket pistol, a semi-automatic in various calibers. These arms were made from 1919 until some time in the 1930s. The pistols can be found regularly on the online auctions, and the 22 rifles less often. The shotguns are even rarer, but not of great value. I saw two offered online in the past couple of years, and the price was around $250 - $450.

Blue Book of Gun values, old firearms catalogs, internet searches, gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops.

270 mauser modelo argentino deutsche waffen-und munitionsfabriken a2608 berlin B

If your rifle is a single shot rolling block type rifle, it was probably made by the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company. These were made for hardware stores under the Marvel brand, and PROBABLY dates to the early 1900s. Not a great deal of information out there.

1863 was a civil war 58 caliber rifle. there is no history unless you fine the owner's family and the family knows details pertaining to the rifle.

It is a 22 single shot rifle. It is also called a sovereign rifle. Made by F.LLipiatta Cat.#3395

I do not personally, but yes, there is a single shot rifle that can have the rifle barrel replaced with a shotgun barrel.

Depending on the size of your local library, that might be a place to start. Provide a detailed description of all markings, wood, barrel length, action type, sights, etc..

National Rifle Association.

You have answered your own quesiton.

what is the value of a 1945 single shot 22

25-100 USD, 12 gauge is a shotgun, not a rifle.

Yes it is. It is a single shot .177 pellet rifle. It is not a BB rifle.

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