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The Holocaust began when the head of Germany, who was Adolf Hitler wanted to get rid of all the people he did not like. In his werds he put it that the Jews were the reason why the Germans lost WWI. So they went to the colonies that they controlled and they first put them in isolated subdivisions called ghettos in which they were given limitations. As soon as WWII got in motion, the Germans under Hitlers power(The Nazis) gathered the Jews up by ghettos and sent them off to Concentration camps where they burned the old, weak, and babies. If the Jews were healthy, they would put them to work until they died of starvation, disease, cold, or by gas chambers. A total of 6 million Jews died during the holocaust.Oskar Schindler saved 11 thousand Jews by sending them to Czechoslovakia but the train that the women were on went to Auschwitz (The largest concentration camp.

In the end the Jews that Oskar had saved were called The Schindler Jews.There has been movies and books on the Holocaust.Schindlers List has been a book and a movie (The movie has won over 3 awards)

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Q: What is the history of the Holocaust?
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Why is the Holocaust important to US history?

well the holocaust is important to the worlds history.

Why is the Holocaust in capitals?

Holocaust is capatalized because it is a major event in history. It is a title, The Holocaust.

How did the Holocaust change Jewish history?

The holocaust was a torturous place and a cruel and unforgiving time period in Jewish history

How did the Holocaust influence history?

In History, people remembers and influences the Holocaust to be a cruel, evil, torturous time for people, especially the Jews. The holocaust is a key part in modern history because of what happend, who did it and how they executed it.

How is the Holocaust part of The US history?

we fought in the war that ended the holocaust

What is the turning point in history for the hidden children in the holocaust?

no doubt, the end of the Holocaust.

Is the Holocaust omitted from Russian history?


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The holocaust to me is the most evil thing ever done in the history of mankind

How is the holocaust part of American history?

It is not, the US was one of the many nations who were 'bystanders' to the Holocaust.

Was the Jews actually the problem for Holocaust?

Not exactly the problem, the Holocaust is a chapter in Jewish history.

What is the history of nuclear Holocaust?

Nuclear holocaust has no history. The term is used to a situation where two or more sides use nuclear weapons in a war.

Jewish holocaust history?

yes, it does exist.

The quote is referring to what period in history?

The Holocaust

What is the phone number of the Museum Of History And Holocaust Education in Kennesaw Georgia?

The phone number of the Museum Of History And Holocaust Education is: 678-797-2083.

What was the impact of the Holocaust on history?

The country of Israel probably exists today only because there was a Holocaust.

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See the related links below.There are some amazing pictures of the Holocaust in the book called A Pictorial History of the Holocaust

How did the diary of Anne Frank impact Jewish history and the Holocaust?

Anne Frank was a Holocaust victim and she was not a position to have an impact on the Holocaust itself or on Jewish history. Her diary is immensely valuable as a vivid account of the life of a Jewish girl in extremely difficult and dangerous circumstaces during the Holocaust.

How has Holocaust changed history?

The Holocaust has changed History because it was a time period when there was tense rivalry between countries, there were many Contraction camps and many life's were lost then.

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How do you write a sentence using Holocaust?

Even though the holocaust was a sad thing, it made a tremendous impact on history.

What is a history words that starts with H?

Hiroshima and Holocaust are history words. They begin with the letter h.

What was the period of the Holocaust in history known as?

World War two.

What is biggest genocide by number of people killed in the history?

The Holocaust.

Why must you learn the Holocaust?

So that history does not repeat itself.