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What is the history of the naming of the White House?

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I think it was named in accordance with the racial issues of the time, and the fact that it was probably strongly believed that a black person would never step foot inside as anything other than a slave. However, If this were to be the case, It would never be made public... liars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What was the history of the white house in Ancient Rome?

There is no history of the White House in Ancient Rome. The Romans did not have a White House. The White House was built in 1792-1800. That is more than 1500 years after the fall of he empire of ancient Rome. Its design is based on ancient Roman architecture.

Where is the history gem in miamiopia?

On top of the White House.

What is the history behind the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll?

This page from the White House website provides a fairly detailed explanation of the history:

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Who was the first White House plumber?

The names of the first White House plumbers is not recorded. There is a web page (see link Plumbing in the White House) that discusses the history of plumbing in the WH, but doesn't talk about the annoymous tradesmen who made it possible. The webpage offers some interesting history on the history behind running water in the WH.

What are the release dates for Where History Lives A Tour of the White House - 2004 TV?

Where History Lives A Tour of the White House - 2004 TV was released on: USA: 1 March 2004 (limited)

Why do Presidents and their families live in the White House?

The presidents and their family live in the White House because then the president would be close to work and close to his family. the white House should be called The History House because it has the first black president in it.

What has the author Roger M Gramling written?

Roger M. Gramling has written: 'A history of White House Methodist Church' -- subject(s): History, White House Methodist Church (Orangeburg County, S.C.)

What did Bill Clinton do for us history?

He was the first president to have an affair in the White House.

Did race have an impact in the naming of the White House?

No, not at all. In the 1800's paint was very expensive and most houses were wooden unpainted houses. After the British burned the White House in 1812 it was painted white to cover the burn marks on the wood ( they just did some work on it and found some of the burn marks still on it) and because it stood out people started using the term "white house" to mean the house that was painted white. It could have been any color if colored paint had existed then, but only white was made. So, the term for the president's house became the "white house" and still today we all know what house that it is just by that name.

When was the Russian White House constructed?

why was the white house constructed why was the white house constructed why was the white house constucted when was the white house constucted

What city was the White House first located in?

The White House has ALWAYS been located in Washington, DC Fail in History the white house was first located in Virginia because of the Revolutionary war needed the Adams family. After the war it moved to Washington D.C.

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There is 3houses the red house is next to the White House and the White House right of the red house the blue house is next to the White House Where is the White House at?

in the middle The white house is in Washington, D.C.

What is so special about the White House?

the president lives in it.It is where the president of the US lives and has allot of history in it

What can a person see from the front steps of the White House?

A person see Museum of American History.

Who answered the first telephone call at the White House?

Hayes had the first telephone in the White House. It connected only to the Treasury Department. History did not record who was the first to answer it- probably the people who put it in tested it.

Why is white used for the White House?

It is called the white house because it is painted white.

Why is the white house named the white house?

It get its name from its color-- it is a white house.

There are 3 houses the red house is next to the white house and the white house right of the red house the blue house is next to the white house where is the white house?

In Washington, D.C.

What is the inumerate of history?

DI KO Alma assignment din naming Yuan

What has the author Allan Wolk written?

Allan Wolk has written: 'The naming of America' -- subject(s): Geographical Names, Local History 'The Presidency and Black civil rights' -- subject(s): African Americans, Civil rights 'The naming of America' -- subject(s): Geographical Names, Local History 'The naming of America' -- subject(s): Geographical Names, Local History

Who was the first president to call the White House home?

John Adams was the first president to call the white house home. John Adams Bio:

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