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Stock motor is 170 hp. Good shorty headers and exhaust and cold air intake would bump that up to around 200hp. If you only have cold air intake, it's probably 175-180 hp. A high flow muffler alone is good for about 10 hp. Corvette specifications for the transmission probably means that a corvette 2nd servo piston was added to the transmission. It makes the 1-2 shift a little firmer.

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How much does an used 2010 Corvette cost?

I do not recommend you to buy a used corvette from year 2010. Anyways is should be over 45 thousands dollars in a resale value, and in a good condition.

Where do you put transmission fluid in on a ford torus?

On the will leak out anyways

Where is the transmission dipstick on a 2010 Toyota Tacoma?

It is a sealed transmission, which means no dipstick. It is cheaper for the automakers to do this. Most people will trade their vehicles in before the transmission needs any fluid changes anyways.

Is the transmission oil and the motor oil the same on a 2001 harley Davidson road king?

no...but you can use screaming eagle synthetic oil in both the motor and the transmission which is supposed to be better anyways

What is the horsepower of a Yamaha rt 180?

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Does the 2001 Ford Crown Victoria have a shifting sensor on the transmission why wont it shift from second to drive Where do you start?

yes it does you don't need to be in 2nd gear anyways in a crown Victoria yes it does you don't need to be in 2nd gear anyways in a crown Victoria yes it does you don't need to be in 2nd gear anyways in a crown Victoria

How do you check transmission fluid in a mercury 2000 cougar?

open the hood, it should be on ur left side close to the lights, that's how it is on my 02 anyways?

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What controls the auto intensity of the dashboard lights on a 2002 Corvette Z06?

There is a knob on the left side of the steering wheel , well that is with my C6 anyways. Jump over to and put this question in the C5 section and you will be sure to get the right answer! Good luck!

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It might, but really depends on what problem you are experiencing and its cause. A flush usually costs about $100+/-, and, given the age of the vehicle, it probably needs one anyways. If nothing else, it will help to extend the life of the transmission.

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