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appx. 195hp

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โˆ™ 2006-03-09 00:19:36
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Q: What is the horsepower of a stock 350ci in a 84 camaro?
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How much horsepower does 84 six cylinder camaro have stock?

130-135 hp

How much horsepower does a 84 z28 camaro have?

190 hp

Does an 84 camaro come stock with a 350?


How much horsepower does a 84 camaro have stock?

1984- 305 - 145 HP, 240 FT LBS 1984 305 H.O. - 190 HP, 240 ft lbs

How much horsepower does a high output 84 camaro 305 have?

I believe it's 175 horse.

What size engine does a 84 limited edition camaro Z28 have stock?

It came with a 305 HO motor. I have one.

What engine does an 84 Camaro z28 have?

a 84 camaro z28 would have a v8 450 hp engine.

What is the air cleaner size for a 84 Camaro?

i went to the store and looked it up for the 85 camaro and it worked for my 84

Will a 4.3 fit into a 84 Camaro?


Can a 350 ci engine go in an 84 camaro with a 305 without much modification and if so can you use the stock transmission?

yes its the same but i wouldn't recomend using the stock trans unless rebuilt

What kind of engine does a 1984 z28 Camaro have?

if you have an 84 z28 camaro it has a 305 or a 305 h.o. 5.0L

Will an 84 Camaro rear end fit a 64 Chevelle?

no, because the camaro came with leaf springs.

Gas tank capacity on an 84 Camaro?

16 gallons

What is the top speed for 1986 Camaro z28 Camaro?

Hi, visit Details of speed etc for 84 camaro. should not differ much. My 84 z28 with a 305HO topped at 136, and my 91 rs with a tbi 305 topped at 131. Both had a 5spd.

Will a 84 Camaro rear end fit a 76 nova10bolt?

no. the camaro uses trailing arms and coils. the nova uses leaf springs.

What Gear is over Drive on a 1996 Chevy Camaro RS?

I have a 84 camaro 2.8, what is over drive? The D without circle are D with circle?

How much horsepower does a John Deere 6120 have?

84 HP (62.6 kW).

How do you fix a grinding speedometer in a 1980 camaro z28?

I had that problem in my 84 and it turned out to be the cable itself

How do you replace the ignition switch on an 84 camaro z28?

I don't know thats way I ask

What years windshield fits an 84 camaro?

Any other 3rd gen, 82-92

Will 17x9 ZR-1 wheels fit your 84 Z28?

only if you have a 4th gen rear end or you bought wheel adapters for your 4 axles. the backspacing and offset are different than the zr1 wheels than on your stock camaro.

What makes your 84 camaro v6 with a 28 motor backfire?

You may want to have the engine timing checked?

What is the difference between the 305HO motor and the standard one in a 84 camaro z28?

They're the same motor

What is the horsepower of an 84 chev 305?

a 305 Chevy makes about 160 horsepower, though if its set up right it can make up to 350 without major modification

How much does horsepower does a kx85 have?

A Kawasaki kx85 has a 29 horsepower engine. This kind of dirt bike also has a two stroke, single cylinder 84 cc motor.