• History of the Philippines

What is the importance of Philippine history?

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Importance and significant in study of Philippine history?

what is the significant of the Philippine history

What is the inportance of country geographic character on the development of Philippine history and culture?

in a caricature point out the importance of the countrys geographic character on the development of the philippine history and culture.

The importance and definitions of Philippine history with Philippine government and constitutions?

putang ina mo bigay mo meaning tanga!!

What is the uses and importance of Philippine history?

Philippine history is important to remember and to use as the Philippines move forward into the future. Remembering history helps people learn lessons from the past and prevents the repetition of past mistakes.

Why Philippine history connect in studying Hotel and restaurant management?

In studying Hotel and Restaurant Management, the study of Philippine history is important so as to learn about the past. Its importance is in learning about the evolution and development of Philippine hotel and restaurant service.

What is the importance of Philippine music?

The importance of philippine music is that you can develop your beautiful voice as a filipino.

What is the importance of Philippine literature in the Philippines?

The Philippine Literature holds the important cultures and traditions of the Philippines in black and white. These literatures are the documents that hold and preserve the Philippine History and all that is Philippines today.

Relationship of Philippine literature and Philippine history?

Basically, the Philippine History is written in the Philippine Literature.

What is the history of Philippine hotels?

What is the history of philippine hotels?

What is the summary of Philippine History?

summary of philippine history

What is the history of Philippine legends?

what is the role of legend in the philippine history

What is Philippine history?

Philippine history is a narration of what happened in the past in the Philippines.

What is the important of Philippine history?

The importance of knowing our country's past is to remind us where we came from and to tell us where we are heading to as a nation.

How does Philippine stamps related in Philippine history?

Because any stamp are a trademark of a country. So, Philippine stamp designs are inspired with the Philippine History.

How Nationalist perspective in the Philippine history study?

Nationalist perspective in the study of philippine history

What is Philippine Historiography?

Philippine Historiography is the history of the Republic of the Philippines. Philippine history can be traced back to the arrival of Magellan to present day. Many people have recorded this history throughout the years.

What is the significance of studying Philippine history?

There is great significance in studying Philippine history. It is very rewarding to understand the history and culture of the Philippines.

Why Philippine history integrated with public service?

"Cause the philippine history integrated w/ public service the *****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

What is the importance of Filipino seafarers in the Philippine economic development?

seafarers are the new blood of philippine economy ....

What is the connection of Philippine Literature to Philippine history?

The Philippine literature is part of the Philippine history such that the literature is part and parcel of what the history of the Philippines is. It is in literature that the old and new era meet and even emerge into unforgettable writings, poems, songs and sonnets that speaks of what history the Filipinos have gone through.

What was the importance of the battle of leyte gulf?

Philippine Islands

Importance of Philippine folk dance?

it is important to our culture

Importance of Philippine physical fitness test?


What is the importance of folk art?

its reminds the our philippine culture

What is the importance of Philippine folkdances?

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