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Widening of blood vessels resulting from relaxation of the muscular wall of the vessels. What widens is actually the diameter of the interior (the lumen) of the vessel. The opposite of vasoconstriction.

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Q: What is the increase of diameter in a blood vessel called?
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When happens when the diameter of the blood vessel decreases?

Blood pressure increases if the diameter of the blood vessel decreases.

What is Vasolidation?

increase in the diameter of blood vessel. it increases the blood flow

What are the factors affecting peripheral resistance which influence BP?

There are three factors that increase peripheral resistance. These factors include autonomic activity, pharmacologic agents, and blood viscosity. Each factor increases the constriction of arteries, which in turn causes peripheral resistance.

Do blood vessels increase in size to lose heat?

If a blood vessel has a larger diameter then there is an increased rate of blood flowing through that vessel per unit of time. This increased rate causes an increase in heat through the vessel. Thus constricting the diameter of the blood vessel will cause a decrease in the rate of blood flow, causing less heat and therefore increased heat loss.

How does smooth muscle make blood vessels function?

Smooth muscle is mostly in the afferent branch going from the arteries to the arterioles. The body controls where blood will flow by controlling the vessel diameter. An increase in sympathetic tone constricts smooth muscle, decreases blood vessel diameter, and limits blood flow.

What effect does local heat application have on blood vessel diameter?

Vasodilation or enlargement of the blood vessel

When there is increased resistance then arteriolar constriction and pressure drops?

Resistance changes dramatically with changes in diameter of blood vessels (arterioles are one type of blood vessel). If you INCREASE the diameter of the arteriole, you DECREASE the resistance and thus DECREASE the blood pressure.

A decrease in the diameter of a blood vessel is termed?


What are the main factors that contribute to total peripheral resistance?

Blood vessel diameter,blood viscosity and total vessel length

Which blood vessel tunic is composed of smooth muscle and controls the diameter of the vessel?

Tunica interna

Would doubling the length of a blood vessel have the greater effect on vascular resistance?

In which of the following would the blood flow be highest? A) a vessel 0.5 cm in diameter and 4 meters long B) a vessel 1.0 cm in diameter and 10 meters long C) a vessel 0.5 cm in diameter and 2 meters long D) a vessel 1.0 cm in diameter and 2 meters long

What is the proper term for blood vessels getting larger in diameter?

This is called vasodilation. Vaso meaning vessel and dilation meaning getting wider.