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Q: What is the ingredients for Hausa porriage in Ghana?
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What countries speak hausa?

Hausa is spoken in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Niger, Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan, and Togo.

Where is the origin of hausa people?

The Hausa people originated in North Africa. Significant populations can be found in Niger, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Chad, Benin, Cameroon, and Burkina Faso.

Which kingdom is not located in Africa songhai Ghana hausa kilwa?

Songhai, Gahanna and Hausa are or were all located in Africa. Kilwa is an island community that can be found off the coast of East Africa in Tanzania.

Who is porriage left out for in Norway?

The mythical creature "Nissen".

From what country did the ingredients of chocolate come from?

chocolate comes from coco beans from Ghana

Where do the ingredients for Cadburys chocolate come from?

well the coco beans come from ghana

What are the traditional ingredients in Ghana's palava stew?

Well.... That's a VERY good question. There are many traditional ingredients in the paticular dish but the main ones cannot be stated be me as I hate ghana its a waste of space. From hope wilson.....

What is hausa history?

the hausa are the largest ethinic group in nigeria almost all hausa are muslims

What is the Hausa ethnic name for Nigeria?


What is the Hebrew translation for the word hausa?

if you are refering the language called Hausa, it is the same in Hebrew as English: Hausa. It is spelled האוסה

Is Hausa a tribe?

ofcourse hausa is a tribe and the language hausa people speaks is hausa languae aswell.. they are the most popular and honest people in nigeria, and they live in the northern part of nigeria.

In which countries is Hausa spoken?

Hausa is spoken in these 8 countries:BeninBurkina FasoCameroonGhanaNigerNigeriaSudanTogo

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