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sounds like the timing chain guides and tensioners are worn need to be replaced right away. I have an 02 expedition 4.6 liter and it caused the oil pump to fail which siezed the motor.

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Q: What is the knocking noise in my Ford Expedition's engine?
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What is Knocking noise from Ford Transit driveshaft?

cv joint

Is motor noise common in 2001 ford focus bought another motor with 45k miles put it in and has the same noise?

Noise is common from any engine, the TYPE of noise is what you should worry about. Is it a knocking noise? hum? squeak? rattle?

What causes knocking in a Ford Windstar engine?

Knocking is usually associated with worn main and rod bearings.

Ford F-150 engine has loud noise?

If the engine has a knocking sound like someone hitting something with a hammer then it could be a rod bearing. It is best to have it looked at right away. It may require a complete engine rebuild.

What motors are interchangeable with Ford Expeditions?

Ford 4.6L Engine Ford 5.4L Engine From any 1997 & Up, F-150 or any 1997 & Up Navigator.

What could cause a knocking noise inside the wheel of a 85 ford ranger?

A forgotten tool maybe ? Or a stone .

Knocking noise in front suspension Mazda tribute?

Definitely the sway bar links. Ford uses plastic for the joints.

My 1996 ford escort lx 5 speed makes this horrible knocking noise like something is loose my husband thinks it's a pulley it happens once car is started with or without ac any suggestions?

My girlfriend's 1995 Escort made a funny knocking/grinding/chirping noise from the back part of the engine. The motor mounts were loose and the problem was solved after they were tightened.

What is the problem with a 2002 Ford mustang making a banging noise from the engine?

a lifter

What would be the problem with your 1994 ford escort if it smelled of antifreeze and made a knocking noise loudly?

you might check the water pump before you do anything else.remove fan belt and check to see if there is substantial movement in pulley wheel and/or shaft on water pump. if this is not the problem, you have overheated engine and damaged bearings inside, which is where the knocking comes from

What is a knocking noise in the right rear interior panel on a 2005 ford expedition?

rear a/c blend door actuator bad [broken plastic gear]

What causing a knocking or rattling noise in a 2003 Ford Expedition?

if you are referring to the tattling in the front when you hit a bump or travel on a bumpy road, check the stabilizer bar.

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