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What is the land area of England?


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130439 square km 13043900 ha


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England has a land surface area of about 130,395 km2 Canada has a land surface area of about 9,984,670 km2 England is about 1,3% as big as Canada

The area of England is 50,346 square miles (130,395 sq kms)

It is approximately 0.1% of the total land area, or 0.03% of the total area.

England has an area of 130,373 sq. km where as China has an area of 9,326,410 sq. your answer is NO

England has a land area of 50,346 square miles and an estimated population of 51,446,000 as of 2008.

England is 97th by land area and 24th by population.

The land area for the Republic of Ghana is 92,099 square miles. The capitol city is Accra and gained independence from England in 1957.

The area of North Pickenham is 10.15 square kilometers.

The total area of England is 50,346 square miles (130,395 sq km) The total area of Great Britain is 94,526 sq mi (244,820 sq km)

New England area of North America

It is closest in size to the state of alabama! AnswerEngland is 97th by land area and 24th by population. The UK (Which consists of England Scotland Wales and Nothern Ireland) would be 79th by area and 22nd by population.

The total agricultural area of the United Kingdom is 17.647 million hectares according to the FAO.

Bluffs of chalk along the southern coastal area of England...

Yes. The US State of California is just over three times the size of England by land area.

Egypt has a land area 7.75 times the size of England and a population 1.5 times as large.

Total land and water area is 44.7 square miles.

Land region is defined as the area on a continent where the land is located. For example, the New England land region of the US, includes all the states in the upper-eastern part of the US.

Falkland Islands is the smallest country in South America. It has total land area of 12,173 sq km (4700 sq mi). It is under the control of England.

Area of England = 130,279 km²

England doe not own any piece of land in the US. The Queen of England owns land privately but not as a representative of the government of England.

You are confusing two things:-Land Area. (Canada is 40 times as big as England by area).Population density - that is the number of people living in a unit area. (People live much closer together in England - even outside cities - than they do in Canada).

Because the population is increasing all the time but it isn't possible to increase the land area.

what was the land like in the new england colonies

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