What is the landing speed in a Cessna 182?

The pilot's operating handbook for my Cessna 182 (a 2008 T182T) recommends a 60-70 knot approach speed.

I usually aim for 65 knots. I then touch down at about 55-60 knots indicated airspeed. Any slower and I lose lift and the wheels smack the runway. Any faster and it's tough to have a soft landing.

I keep my hand on the throttle during landing. So, if I get going too slowly before touchdown I push the throttle in and out quickly to give a little puff of air under the wings to keep it afloat for a soft landing.

Be sure to nose up slightly as to land on the main gear and not the nose wheel. Then break aerodynamically keeping the yoke back into your lap for a while after you land. This will save the breaks. You'll thank me if you have your own plane because this will save you money in break repairs.

Answer #2

I know this answer is problably a little late. But Cessna has a website that they post the aircraft specifications for all their different models.

Turbo Skylane Model T182T

Also included are the warranties applicable to the Turbo Skylane Model T182T aircraft, the Textron Lycoming TI0-540-AK1A engine, the McCauley propeller and the OEM-installed Bendix/King and Garmin avionics.

Max Take-off Weight: 3,100 lbs

Max Speed: 179 knts

Cruise Speed: 159 knts

Stall Speed w/Flaps(power off): 49 knts

Takeoff Ground roll: 775 Ft

I don't see anything on their take-off speed as that would be specified in the Flight Manual to take into account many variables such as gross weight, wind, flap setting, engine setting, etc. The above gives you an idea of its slow speed performance and the distance it takes to take-off.

Link: http://turboskylane.cessna.com/specs.chtml

Usually, the landing speed of Cessna 172 and 182s is around 70 knots which equates to about 80 MPH.