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What is the language spoken in Latin America?


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the term "Latin America" refers only to the spanish speaking countries of North, South, and Central America. So the answer is Spanish.

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The second most-spoken language in Latin America is Portuguese.

The main language spoken across South America is Spanish, which is derived from the Latin language.

The most common languages spoken in Latin America are Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and French.

Spanish , Portuguese and french

More people speak Portuguese in Latin America than any other language, but Spanish is more widely spoken.

Because English is not spoken as native language in Mexico. Spanish is the most widely spoken language and as such, Mexico belongs to Latin America.

Latin is not spoken in Latin America. Latin is a dead language. That means it is no one's mother tongue or native language. It was once the language of Rome and the Roman Empire. It was never the language of Latin America. People still learn Latin however; it is one official language of the Vatican. Most people in Latin America speak Spanish but Brazil speaks Portuguese.

Language helps define Latin America as a region. Most of the languages spoken in this region are of Latin origin, such as Spanish and Portuguese.

1.Latin America is in South and Central America. 2. The 3 main languages spoken in Latin America are French, Spanish, Portuguese 4. Population of Latin America : 590 million. 5. It Has nothing to do with the language Latin.

Latin was the language spoken in the Roman Empire.

Certainly. Many Latin classes today practice speaking the Latin language. However, Latin is commonly known as a "dead language" because it is no longer spoken as a native language.

No, in Latin America Spanish is spoken, therefore they are called by their Spanish names. Latin is used by scientists to identify animals because the language is no longer evolving.

For the languages of Latin America, click here.For the languages of the Caribbean, click here.Note: Some Caribbean countries are also part of Latin America.

Latin was the language spoken by the ancient Romans and it is still used today in the Vatican City in Rome.

Most of Latin America speaks Spanish. Portuguese is spoken in Brazil and French in French Guyana.SpanishSpanish remains the main language throughout South America except for Brazil, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

Latin. Latin is no longer a spoken language, but is still used in music.

The most widely spoken language of Latin America is Spanish. It is official in 18 Latin American countries, and the majority of people speak it as their first language. Portuguese is spoken in Brazil, which while is only one country has by far the region's largest population with nearly 200 million people.There are several countries in the geographical region where French, English, Dutch, and creole languages based on these languages are spoken, but these areas are not always considered part of Latin America.There are also a large number of indigenous languages spoken alongside the official languages of Spanish and Portuguese, including Quechua, Guarani, and Aymara.The other 'major' language spoken in South America is ENGLISH. This is still widely spoken in Guyana. French and Dutch are not considered 'major languages" although they are spoken in French Guiana and Suriname respectively.Latin America refers only to the Spanish speaking countries of South and Central America, so there is only 1 main language: Spanish.Those would be:Spanish (375 million) - Mexico, Central America excluding Belize; most of the bigger islands in the Caribbean (i.e. Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico), most of South America exc. Brazil and the three Guyanas.Portuguese (203 million) - BrazilFrench (10 million) - HaitiThe only two languages spoken in Latin America are Spanish and PortugueseThe predominant language is Spanish, Portuguese is the second-most common language in Latin America.There are many language spoken in Latin America, but mostly Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. In the whole continent of America (north and south) there is around 1,019 languages. Most are spoken by about 5 to 50 people, but are still languages non the less.people in latin America speak spanish, but there is a difference between spanish in Mexico and spanish in Spain, so they kinddad speak both

Yes. The term Latin America refers to regions where the dominant languages are Spanish and Portuguese. So it would include Mexico, Central America, and South America, regardless of the language spoken in the country.

Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in Central America.

The predominant language was Greek, but Latin was also spoken.

Yes. French is spoken in Haiti, which is part of Latin America.

In Latin America, more people speak Portuguese than any other language. Spanish, however, is more widely spoken. Spanish is spoken in most countries because they used to be territories of Spain.

Only two countries in Latin America do not speak Spanish. They are Brazil (whose majority language is Portuguese) and Haiti (whose majority language is French).

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