What is the largest county in Idaho?


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The largest county in Idaho is Idaho County, it is 8,485 sq mi, the county seat is Grangeville, and it is located in central Idaho.


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The Largest county in Idaho is Ada County - Population: 300,904

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By area, the largest counties in Idaho are Idaho County, Owyhee County, Custer County, Lemhi County, and Valley County. By population, the largest counties in Idaho are Ada County, Canyon County, Kootenai County, Bonneville County, and Bannock County.

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The three largest counties in Idaho are Idaho County, Custer County, and Owyhee County. The largest of these three is Idaho County at 8,485 square miles.

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Idaho County - 8,485 Square Miles

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Idaho County is Idaho's largest county based on area with 8,485 square miles.

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