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For the 20th Century; probably the exodus from Vietnam that occurred from 1975 upward.

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The role of Moses in the history of the Jewish people?

Moses was called upon by God to lead the Exodus from Egypt (Exodus ch.3) and to convey the Torah to the Jewish people (Exodus ch.19 and 24).

Why was the Exodus a signifigant event in Hebrew history?

because moses let his people out of Egypt

What was the exodus in the history of the jewish people?

The redemption and test after the temptation afterward of returning to Egypt.Answer:When God took us out from Egyptian slavery (Exodus ch.12).

Is Exodus absurd?

No. It is part of the history of the Jewish people and as such is not absurd and contains nothing outside of the possible.

What group of people established the largest empire in history?


Who feed the people in the exodus?

In Exodus god provided manna for the Hebrew people.

Where were the Jewish people exodus from?

The Jewish people had a exodus from Egypt to Canaan , the promised land.

What is the largest migration in human history?

the trans-atlantic slave trade, also known as the Atlantic slave trade. It was the largest and one of the cruellest displacement of people in the world's history.

What is a sentence for exodus?

The people made an exodus coming out of the movie theater.

In the Bible do books of law contain some history?

Yes, of course. Exodus, Numbers, and Leviticus all contain part of the history of the Jewish people as they travel toward Canaan.

What did you agree with in the book of Exodus?

Some people agree with the book of Exodus. Some people did not agree with the book of Exodus.Answer 2:As a religious person, I agree with all of it.

Is the Exodus historical or mythical?

People who believe that the Bible is a literal history of the Hebrew people, believe that the Exodus was a historic event that took place around 1440 BCE, or perhaps somewhat later. Others, including archaeologists and over 90 per cent of scholars, say that the Exodus is really a myth.For more information, please visit:

What kind of example of an exodus?

In the book of Exodus, the exodus was when the big group of Israelites left Egypt. An exodus is when a group of people leaves a certain place.

What is a sentence using exodus?

The people made an exodus leaving the movie theater.

Were the Jews involved in the exodus?

Yes. The Jews were the key people involved in the Exodus.

How did people die from the bubonic plague?

The plague killed millions of people. It mainly affected Europe, it was a horrendous disease.

Why in the Bible is the story called exodus?

Exodus means 'exit', and in the book of Exodus the Moses and his people are escaping from Pharaoh, and exiting Egypt.

Why is the Exoudus from Egypt considered to be a significant event for Jewish and other people?

The Torah calls the flight from Egypt the Exodus, Which means "departure." It became a central event in the history of the Hebrew people.

What did you learn from the battle of britain?

The courage of the British people in one of the most horrendous attacks by the Axis.

Why this story called exodus?

Exodus means 'exit', and in the book of Exodus the Moses and his people are escaping from Pharaoh, and exiting Egypt. Katiusca <3

What is a major event in ancient Hebrew history the significance of which other people recognize as well?

One example would be the Exodus from Egypt; another is the Giving of the Torah.

How long did the exodus last?

The Exodus of the Hebrew people from Egypt to Canaan was 40 years.

Name the celebration of the Jewish people desoribed in the book of Exodus?

Pesach (Passover). Exodus ch.12.

What part did the moses play in the exodus from egypt?

Moses led the exodus of the people from Egypt at God's command.

What interest people about the American Revolution?

The American people do almost not have any history, compared to Europeans, Asians, Arabs, Persians, Turks, African Tribes....... So the American revolution is the largest event in their history.

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