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Q: What is the latest on keratin with formaldehyde from OSHA?
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What are your thoughts on the formaldehyde free Brazilian Keratin treatment now available?

Formaldehyde-free Brazilian keratin treatments are NOT really formaldehyde free. They contain a formaldehyde derivative, such as ether, which is basically chemically identical to formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is considered to be a carcinogen, specifically related to respiratory cancers, leukemia, and brain cancer.

Is the keratin treatment tested to be safe no long term side effects such as hair loss or any other side effects?

It is good for you because the Keratin is a vital protein for your hair. It leaves your hair luscious and shiny, and without Keratin, your hair will disintegrate.It is bad for you because the formaldehyde is a harmful chemical that causes fumes, and after 4 months, your hair will be worse than it was before you had the treatment, and because you can get cancer.Actually, the answers above are both right. I know that you may be skeptical of whether or not you should get the Keratin Treatment. The truth is, some Keratin Treatments are safe while others are not. The Brazilian Keratin Treatments (BK T) has an ingredient, formaldehyde, which is a very harmful cancer causing agent.However, some Keratin Treatments don't have formaldehyde at all, but if it doesn't, your hair will be back to normal after just 1 wash.Some brands use the harmful formaldehyde in their Keratin Treatments, because it helps keep your hair straight even longer than if it didn't include the formaldehyde. That way, they can increase the price. The problem is, some brands (like BK T) that use formaldehyde, claim that you will get smooth, silky hair using Keratin (which is a very vital nutrient for your hair). The thing is, BK T's product wouldn't have been nearly as effective if the ingredient formaldehyde wasn't included.However, Keratin Treatments WITHOUT THE FORMALDEHYDE DO EXIST! Keratin is really good for your hair, so Keratin Treatments would be good to use for your hair. Just make sure that when you get it done, check the label to see if it includes formaldehyde. If it includes formaldehyde, don't do it! The long term affects would just be bad. After 4 months, your hair will end up worse that it was before you got the treatment, and you can get cancer.IF YOU DECIDE TO GET THE KERATIN HAIR TREATMENT DONE, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE LABEL FOR THESE INGREDIENTS!: Formaldehyde, Formalin, Aldehyde, AldehydeIF ANY OF THOSE INGREDIENTS WERE MENTIONED ON THE BOTTLE, EITHER DON'T DO THE TREATMENT, WEAR A MASK, OR CLOSE YOUR EYES AND TRY HOLDING YOUR BREATH.

Why does keratin grow in cancer?

Keratin has been known to be associated with brain and nasal cancer due to the cause of using formaldehyde in the product. There is also a possibility for leukemia.

What year is the latest OSHA standards?

OSHA Standards are republished each year.

What is SunPure keratin treatment?

SunPure is a brand of Brazilian keratin treatment that is formaldehyde free. It helps to smooth down the cuticle of your hair, adding shine and less frizz. It also helps to condition and strengthen over-processed hair.

Does Coppola keratin treatment contain formaldehyde?

I saw this product featured on the view. According to the stylist, yes there is a trace amount of formaldehyde in the Coppola Keratin Treatment, but it is not enough so much that is causes a bad chemical smell, and much less then other treatments available that straighten hair. But YES, there is a small amount. I found more information here:

Is it safe to color after formaldehyde free keratin treatment?

It depends on the quality of your hair. Your best bet is to go see a professional...most salons offer free consultations.

Is there formaldehyde in the Brazilian straighteners?

I took the class about the Brazilian Keratin Treatment a week ago, and they do say there is 2% formaldehyde in the treatment, my concern is how much is safe???According to the 2008 CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review) Compendium on page 109, "The Panel believes that because of skin sensitivity of some individuals to this agent, the formulation and manufacture of a cosmetic product should be such as to ensure use at the minimal effective concentration of formaldehyde, not to exceed 0.2 percent measured as free formaldehyde. It cannot be concluded that formaldehyde is safe in cosmetic products intended to be aerosolized." Since the Brazilian Keratin straightening process requires a hot blow dryer or hot flat iron that causes the product to steam (aerosolize), the CIR concludes there is no safe level of formaldehyde for this product. Many of the Brazilian Keratin Straightening products are considered "professional only" and do not require ingredient listings, so your stylist may not know formaldehyde is in the product or the concentration of formaldehyde in the product they are using. A professional stylist will have the MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheet, from the manufacturer for the product they are using. The MSDS will describe any potential hazards of a product and it's use. If you are concerned about the product your stylist is using on your hair, ask to see the MSDS. Some states require a salon to have the MSDS available at all times. If your stylist does not have a MSDS, proceed with caution. The toxicity of formaldehyde is well known. For information on the toxicity of formaldehyde, go to the National Cancer Institute's website and search for formaldehyde.

Is keratin a phospholipid?

No, keratin is protein No, keratin is protein

Is Brazilian keratin treatment safe?

Yes it is, depending on the products you use. Recommended are biological products because Formaldehyde and Methylene Glycol are causing cancer. Be sure to use biological products like Kerartin Cure for example

Is formaldehyde in Pepsi?

of course not! formaldehyde is dangerous to humans!

Is Formaldehyde a protein?

No, formaldehyde is an example of an aldehyde, not protein.