What is the law for car repossession for a used car at a buy here pay here dealership?

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It may vary by state, but car repo (snatch and run) is against the law in Louisiana. If the repo man shows up wanting you to sign some papers, and has a cop sitting close by, don't worry. By law, if you don't sign that piece of paper, they cannot take your car. (The cop and repo guy are friends, or just got a kick back.) But it's easier to do that than go to court and end up paying the court fees also.
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What is the minimum FICO score needed to get a car loan at a dealership as opposed to a 'Buy-here-pay-here' lot?

Having a mid to high FICO score doesn't necessarily say: "you're approved!". Although it does reflect the general credit situation - payments on time, debt to pay ratio isn't too high - many factors still come into play when you're looking at purchasing a car. Don't forget, when you get a loan to b ( Full Answer )

Can a car dealership at a 'buy here pay here' lot put a warrant out on you for a stolen vehicle if you missed a payment?

Answer . They will try to follow you. They can get the car without you there. They are not allowed into your home. They can't physically hurt you to get the car, and they can't make you get out of a car, if the car is stolen, they will put a report in with the police and when they run the tags i ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of a buy here pay here car loan?

Answer . Go to your bank, negotiate an agreeable finance rate, pay off the buy here pay here. You will still have monthly payment but, usually at better rates without the hassle.

What could a 'buy here pay here' auto dealer do if you just take the car back?

\n Answer \n. \nIf you stop making payments, someone will come get the car. Simple. If you take it back to the lot, they will sell it again. And sell you another one when you get another down payment.\n. \n. \n Consequences Of Vehicle Repossession \n. \nIf the vehicle is recovered by the ( Full Answer )

Can you be sued for a car you bought from a buy here pay here lot that you called them and told them to pick the car up because you could no longer afford the payments?

You bet you can. . \nThis is called defaulting on a loan. You will pay in the end. You will pay the difference in what they sell the car for and what you owe on the vehicle. And believe me they don't care what they sell the car for. Why should they as they know you are going to pay the difference ( Full Answer )

You bought your car in Tennessee it was financed at a buy here pay here you moved out of sate without notifying them and im behind on payments can you get in trouble?

You Bet You Can! . You probably already are. I am sure they are looking for their car or their money. It is part their car until you make that last payment. They have a legal lien on that vehicle until you pay off the loan. Do not make a bad situation worse by not doing anything. Contact them and ( Full Answer )

How long does a buy here pay here take to get a car repossessed?

Answer . Every company is different..collections start the minute a payment goes past due. Usually the repo starts after 3 pmts are due maybe sooner if there are no communications with the customer or maybe later if someone has managed to stall off the repo.

Can a buy here pay here put a repossession on your credit report in the state of Florida if you have not had the car over 3 months?

If they repossessed the car, you bet they can. It makes no difference how long you had the car. You failed to make your payments and the car was repossessed, so this will go on all 3 credit reports for 7 years.. When you finance or lease a vehicle, your creditor holds important rights on the vehicl ( Full Answer )

Can a buy here pay here repo and resell your car if your insurance is cancelled and keep all the money you have paid already?

Most likely ... the purchaser has to agree to keep a valid insurance policy in force during the loan period. This not only protects you, but it also protects the lender, should an accident occur, their "investment" is covered. If the purchaser negates along the way on auto insurance, then they have ( Full Answer )

Can a buy here pay here car lot repossess your car and not want a payment and not want to give your car back?

\nThis depends on the contract. Many contracts allow them to demand full payment if you are even one day late. You then usually have 10 days or so to pay the entire thing off or they repossess. Once they repossess it they have given up on you as trustworthy and are not obligated (as far as I know ( Full Answer )

Can you take a buy here pay here car out of state?

Most places that allow customers to 'buy here, pay here' will let abuyer take a vehicle to a neighboring state. The business doing thefinancing will want to be notified if a buyer moves out of state,though.

What are the fees you have to pay when buying a car from a dealership?

Get fast approval for auto finance loan and Auto Loan Financing including bad credit auto financing. Instant auto financing loan provides financing for a new auto loan and used auto loan even if you have bad credit, poor credit, slow credit or after bankruptcy. Our bad credit auto financing program ( Full Answer )

What is a buy here pay here car lot?

This usually refers to a car dealer that does their own financing. Because there is often no bank, you would pay the car lot directly.

Can you be arrested for taking a car you owe money on out of the state in which you are buying it when its a buy here pay here vehicle?

\nUse some common sense here. If you continue to make the payments then all is well. If you stop making payments you are in default on the loan. They will repossess the vehicle. If they cannot find it, then of course they can't repossess it. But you will be looking over your shoulder from now on. An ( Full Answer )

Can a buy here pay here car dealer charge you interest?

This is on a car, and you are not paying the balance of the price of the car in full, then yes. You are buying on installments. It is common financial practice and has been for about the past three thousand years to charge interest. Legal, ethically, and morally they can charge you interest. Where i ( Full Answer )

Can a buy here pay here car be repossessed?

Even though it is a buy here pay here dealer it is in the contract you signed. You dont pay they will take your car and you WILL have to pay the late payments on top of the repo cost before you get your car returned.

WHEN you go to a Buy here pay here car dealerships that does not do credit checks if you skip payments and they reposses the car does that go on your credit record?

If a contract was signed, then they have the legal right to come after you for any deficiency after they resell the vehicle, any monies from that sale will be then be applied to your balance you may have, what ever is left over is the deficiency. They may choose to place it with a collection agency ( Full Answer )

Can a buy here pay here take the car out of your name and put it in theirs and report it stolen?

Sure they can. And, when they do, . they have the right to remain silent. If they waive the right, what they say will be used as evidence against them. . they have the right to speak with an attorney and to have one present when they are questioned. . If they cannot afford the attorney, they can ( Full Answer )

If you take a car back to a buy here pay here do you still have to pay the balance?

Yes, of course. Read your contract. A BHPH lot offers alternative financing to people who can't get financing otherwise. The terms are the same as any standard financing agreement. Bringing a car back, whether voluntarily or involuntraily is still a REPO. So, the dealer has the option to sell your r ( Full Answer )

Can a buy here pay here car lot repo after 7 days late?

Some places have the ability to take your car away if you don't pay car lot fees if you are trying to sell your car on their lot. If you didn't sign a contract through them, then they can't repo your car. They will most likely tow your car off the lot and you have to pay expenses on it. If you signe ( Full Answer )

What is a dealership fee when buying a used car?

A dealership fee is usually known as a Documentary Fee or Doc Fee.It also depends on the dealership. We only charge a Doc Fee whereother dealers may have other fees that they charge for and assignthem a different name.