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Federal law matches Nevada Law: 21 to purchase alcohol and 18 to serve alcohol (such as a waiter/ess in a restaurant). The alcohol control board in Nevada is extremely tough with liquor laws and a vendor, merchant or establishment found to provide alcohol to someone under 21 could lose its liquor license and be subject to thousands of dollars in fines. For a bar, restaurant or casino, this would be devistating! * States establish laws concerning the sale and consumption of all alchoholic beverages. In Nevada as all US states you must be 21 to buy or serve alchoholic beverages. Federal Laws concerning the issue only applies to Native American and federal lands (National parks, game preserves, etc.), where buying, selling, and consumption of alchohol is not permitted regardless of age.

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What is the law in Oklahoma for buying alcohol for minors?

In most States of most Countries - If you buy alcohol for minors you will be in serious trouble with The Law

What is the penalty for buying alcohol for minors in New York?

In New York, the penalty for minors purchasing alcohol is usually a citation to appear in court. This is not the written law; however, the jails in this state are overwhelmed with more serious offenses.

Can you give minors alcohol in your home in Canada?

It is against the law for any minor to consume alcohol, but just like any place in Europe or the US, it is not uncommon for minors to consume alcohol at home.

Most states have a zero tolerance law for minors under the influence of alcohol or in possession of alcohol?


Can 14 year olds drink alcohol?

It is against the law for minors to consume alcoholic beverages.

Can an 11 year old drink beer?

Of course not!, Serving alcohol to minors is against the law!

Is there a law concerning curfew for minors in Las Vegas Nevada?

yes, minors on weeknights aren't allowed out after 10 pm to 5 am without a parent or guardian, and on the weekends its from 12 am to 5 am.

When may minors use alcohol?

That depends on the country, legal jurisdiction, and any qualifications set by law.

What is the law regarding minors buying spray paint?

Many places will not sell spray paint to minors. If a minor wants to buy spray paint, they need to have an adult purchase it for them.

What is the law for providing alcohol to minors in Nevada?

It is illegal, unless you are the parent or guardian over 21. NRS 202.020 If the consumption is in excess and the minor is under 18, they may fall under the purview of NRS 432b i.e. Child Neglect.

what would happen if you got caught drinking alcohol under the age of 19 in Canada?

You may be charged in a court of law since the law recognizes teenagers as minors.

Is there no law against minors smoking?

It is illegal for minors to smoke and also illegal to sell tobacco products to minors.

Does Georgia give contractual capacity to emancipated minors?

Yes, Georgia gives contractual capacity to emancipated minors. Once a minor is legally emancipated, they are treated as an adult except in ways which would otherwise be prohibited by law, such as consumption of alcohol.

In New Zealand Why can you drink with parent supervision?

It is not illegal for a minor to consume alcohol, but it is illegal to sell alcohol to a minor. It is illegal for a minor to be supplied with alcohol unless it is by a parent or legal guardian and it is to be drunk at a private gathering. It is also illegal for a minor to have or to drink alcohol in a public place unless they are with a parent or legal guardian. The reason New Zealand law allows this drinking by minors, is that the parents or legal guardians are deemed to be responsible for the minors.

Is nicotine illegal to minors?

Yes, it is illegal for persons under 18. The law states all persons buying tobacco products must show identification and age verification.

What is the legal drinking age in Transylvania?

The legal buying alcohol and drinking age in Transylvania is 18. It is against the law to serve a minor alcohol but it is not illegal to drink in public for those of age.

What is the law in Texas on minors in cigar shops?

Minors are allowed in the shop with an adult, not in the walk in humidor though.

Are there any laws that minors must follow but not adults?

In a number of civil law cases, a minor (less that 18 years old) does not have the capacity to enter into a legally binding contract. Also there are laws about consuming alcohol and other substances in many locations that minors have to follow.

Where can one go to learn Nevada law?

If you are wanting to learn about Nevada laws, you can visit the online Nevada Law Library. The site contains the Nevada Revised Statutes which are current laws for the state.

If married in California and live in Nevada then divorce in Nevada which state law files the divorce?


Does Nevada have a leash law?


When did Nevada School of Law at Old College end?

Nevada School of Law at Old College ended in 1988.

When was Nevada School of Law at Old College created?

Nevada School of Law at Old College was created in 1981.

What is the Mississippi speeding law for minors?

what are the laws of mississippi?

What rights do pregnant minors have?

Depends on the law in the country where they are.

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