What is the leaf cells function?


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its function is to absorb sunlight for photosynthesis

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The outer part of the leaf is called the cuticle. It is a waxy layer and does not comprise of live cells. It's function is to prevent the leaf from desiccation (drying out).

The scientific name of a leaf is 'foliage'

Their function is to open and close the leaf pores.

The leaf cells are dorsi-ventrally oriented to capture maximum sunlight for photosynthesis. The tuber cells are clubed togather having very little freesurface area hence not suitable to perform the function of a leaf cell.

Each stoma is surrounded by two guard cells that open and close it.

That's where the leaf uses sunlight to convert air (CO2) and water into sugar (and O2).

The function of starch in the leaf is to provide energy for the cell for the different functions. When the starch in the plant cells degrades, carbon is released so that it can be utilized in the production of sucrose.

Yes, a leaf has cells. They have A LOT of cells

what is the function of blade of a leaf

These openings in the leaf are for the intake of carbon dioxide and the exhalation of waste oxygen. Moderated by guard cells to open and close as needed.

the cells leaf do that they make the photosynthesis from the sun

Yes, a leaf have many cells

They are in cells. They are abundant in leaf cells

The xylem is responsible for the transport of water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves. In the leaf, the xylem continues this transport to the cells in the leaf to ensure that enough water is present for photosynthesis to occur.

it is photosynthesis i promisePalisade Mesophyll are closely packed cells that absorb light that enters the leaf.Photosynthesis is correct.

yes. leaf cells have vacuoles

leaf cells do not have cell wall but root has it.

A sori is the clusters of reproductive cells on the underside of a frond.Frond- A large, feathery leaf of a fern.

It's called a stoma (plural stomata) and its function is to allow carbon dioxide to enter the leaf for photosynthesis. The guard cells sre responsible for regulating the size of the stoma.

The lysosome is the organelle most likely to be missing from the cells of a leaf. The leaf cells have membranes, a wall, and chloroplast.

All of the cells that are green can perform photosynthesis. They are also the cells that surround the leaf.

Palisade cells and the spongey mesophyll. The upper and lower epidermis aren't cells but the are also in a leaf.

Yes,they have mitochondria.Mitochondria provides energy for leaf cells.

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