What is the least expensive way to adopt your unborn nephew?

The least expensive way is to be sure that the mother is willing to give the baby to you for adoption. I don't know what the circumstances are or how young the mother is, but really think of this one. There are many things to consider: Just because the mother may be young she is still old enough to have a baby, and although she may not get the gigantic proportion of carrying a baby inside of her now, once she gives birth there will be a strong bond there. To pressure the mother at this point is cruel and taking advantage of someone in a bad situation. If you are all in agreement about the adoption just when do you think you will let your nephew (now your son) in on the secret? Most people blurt out, "Well, as soon as they are 18." I've seen some pretty angry 18 year olds and 20 - 40 year olds when they find that their parents could never bring themselves to tell them and then eventually they find out (and they will) they aren't their parents at all, but the sister of their mother that came around constantly and one the child had been calling an aunt. How messed up is that? Even typing this makes my head whirl. There are a lot of feelings going on here and all of you have to take it slow and easy. If the mother doesn't want the baby and is sure of it, then you are still going to have to go to a lawyer to sign all the papers. You can shop around for prices re lawyers like anything else. Whatever you do, don't sign just a piece of paper you have drawn up between the mother and you (won't stand up in a court of law) or have a good old hand shake on the deal. Remember, this unborn child is a person and that little person has no say in what is going on, so the mother and yourselves have to think long and hard about this one. You are shaping the life of another human being.