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What is the legal age for children to leave their parents' home in Tennessee?


How do you get parents to leave your relationship alone?


How do you get your stepsister to leave you alone?

The best way to get a stepsister to leave you alone is to ask her nicely. If she still doesn't leave you alone, you will need to speak to your parents.

How can you get rid of parents?

Tell them to leave you alone.

How do you get parents to leave you alone?

Just explain to them that you need a little space. If you do it calmly, they will most likely leave you alone till you are ready.

Why parents shouldn't have a gun in their house?

I have to disagree with the statement you made. Parents that have a gun in the house should have secure storage for it, and teach children to leave guns alone, and teach them gun safety.

Can parents ask adult children to leave home?

Adult children like...? 18 years old? Yes if you live in your parents house and you are 18 or older your parents can ask you to leave.

How do you get a narcissist to leave the children alone?

place a mirror in front of him

What is the age that your allowed to leave children home alone?


What age can you leave children alone overnight in WI?


Is it legal to move out in the state of Tennessee at 17 with out your parents permission?

No, but you can leave home at 18 without needing your parents permission.

What age can a child leave home in Tennessee without the consent of parents?

That would be the age of majority. In Tennessee and most of the US that would be 18. Then they are adults and the parents are no longer responsible for the child.

What is the legal age you can leave children home alone in Queensland?


What age is considered a runaway in Tennessee?

In the state of Tennessee, if you are 16 and runaway, you are considered a runaway. If you want to leave home, you need to talk to your parents about it.

Can children in California stay alone at night?

No. Of course not. Children are not supposed to stay alone ever. You are completely responsible for your children all the time. If you need to leave, you must get a responsible adult to take over the care of your children until you can return. Never leave children alone. In some cases, teenagers who have proven to be responsible may be left alone. But it is dependent upon the age and the responsibilty level of the child.

What happend as a result of the parents quarrel over these children?

The children get fed up and leave

When children grown up and leave home parents most frequently report feeling?

Typically most parents report feeling happy when their children have grown up and leave home.

What age can a child be left alone in Tennessee?

I reckon a child should be left on there own around the age of 13 because they have more sense in things and the difference between right and wrong, it depends if the child is indepent or not, Not all parents agree to leave there children on there own at any age until they are 16-18.

Can Legal home alone children stay with underage other children?

yes. they can because they would be kind of like the adult if its legal to leave them home alone.

What age and for how long can you leave children home alone overnight in Ohio?

While it is not recommended for a young child to be left home alone, parents can do so once the child becomes a teenager. However, it is important that you take into account how many nights and ensure that the children have an adult they can rely on if needed.

Is it legal for parents to spank their children in Tennessee?

yes it is. however it can vary from state to state for example: In California a parent can spank their child as long as they do not leave a mark. contact your local law enforcement.

What is the legal age to leave children in a car alone in Illinois?

It should be 13.

Why does Jacqueline Wilson write about children in care?

go away and leave me alone

What order doe Atticus give the children regarding Boo?

To leave them alone.

What is the legal age that parents can leave town and leace a child home alone in north carlina?

There is no set age to leaving a child home alone, but the general rule for maturity of being able to, is around 12. It's the parents responsibility to assure the child is not left alone at risk, and children under 12 are generally seen as being at risk. Leaving your child at risk is considered child neglect. It's important to always leave, even the most mature of children with proper emergency contact information, and the place where you'll be. Make sure you set rules, and know that it's never safe to leave your children alone for a long period of time, and always call to check on them.