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What is the legal age to move out in Kansas?

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Leaving Home

The parents of an non-emancipated minor have the custody and

control of such minor. This means that the parents can legally

decide where the minor lives until the minor reaches the age of

majority (usually 18) or otherwise becomes emancipated.

If a minor moves away from the home of his or her parents or

legal guardians without their permission, that minor can be picked

up by authorities as a runaway. Depending upon the state, there may

be an evaluation stage in which the situation is reviewed to insure

that the individual is not endangered by being returned to the

home. Some states have recognized that minors that are 16 or 17 are

often considered questionable as to their ability to leave home.

Authorities may not want to deal with minors in this age group and

some states are establishing legislation enforcing the age of

majority and eliminating any questions in the eyes of the law

enforcement community.

Check with your local laws for more specifics. If you are in an

unsafe environment, law enforcement personnel can put you in

contact with the appropriate agencies to obtain help.

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