What is the legal drinking age in Paris?

The legal drinking age in France is 16. However, in Paris, as well as most European countries, legal stipulations placed on the purchase and consumption of alcohol are merely technicalities to which almost no one adheres. No matter what country you visit in Europe, you will find very little?if any?enforcement of the legal drinking age. If you will have underage teenagers with you who would like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, they will have no trouble ordering or being served in Paris, so you might want to give consideration to this issue prior to embarking on your trip. Requesting ID is virtually unheard of in Paris, as well as most European cities, because they simply do not have the problems related to underage drinking that are common in North American countries. Wine with dinner is a common custom in which most Parisians engage from the time they are toddlers, and most Europeans drink for enjoyment?not to get drunk. Therefore, unlike in North America, drinking is somewhat of a non issue for most Europeans and lacking in justification for strict enforcement.