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If I understand your question properly, it's understandable why others didn't quite comprehend it.

I believe you are referring to when one has a loss, and makes an insurance claim, what happens if the insurer controls the repair process and underpays the repairs and as a result you have an improperly repaired property which may lose value (diminished value), requires costly re-repairs and causes for further out of pocket expenses such as substitute rentals, temporary living quarters etc.

It is reasonable that should an insurer fail to properly indemnify you, where coverage is applicable and you have properly submitted your claim and proof of loss, and met with all policy provisions, you would have legal recourse under a breach of contract issue for the harm and damaged caused by the insurer's actions, or lack thereof. Some restrictions may apply such as contracts/policy provisions which may have ACV (Actual Cash Value) coverage vs. Stated Value Policy (a agreed upon fixed dollar value) etc.

Bottom line, the insurer has a contractual duty to provide you the coverage you secured, anything less and they enjoy undue enrichment and have failed to meet their contractual and fiduciary responsibilities to the policy holder.

Caution, there are no obligations to mandate that an insurer advise you of what you may be entitled, but once asked, they must be truthful.

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2011-08-16 22:35:32
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Q: What is the legal responsibility of insurance companies to be forthcoming about repairs?
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Does no-fault insurance have any responsibility for auto repairs?

No-Fault insurance has everything to do with repairs. In the case of fault or not-at-fault, your car is covered, providing you carry collision and comprehensive coverage on your policy.

Can you do the home repairs yourself and get paid by homeowners insurance?

Just contact your Home Insurance Company and ask them about it. Many companies are fine with this for small claims or minor repairs.

What do you do if your insurance claim is paid and it is not enough to cover the repairs?

This answer can be very involved. Most simply, you should attempt to get your insurance adjuster and the repairer to agree on the cost of repairs. Insurance companies issue 'supplement' payment on claims regularly.

Will your auto insurance company pay for repairs if the total amount of repairs is more than what the car is worth?

In my experience, in a number of countries, Auto Insurance companies will not pay for repairs unless the repair is result of an accident. Then only what the car is worth.

Do most insurance companies pay for car windshield repair?

Most care windshield repairs are covered by a majority of insurance companies. In cases of a broken windshield it is best to consult with your insurance agent to see exactly what is covered by your policy, and the amount they will pay.

Whose insurance should you call after an accident?

After an accident, all parties involved with the accident should exchange insurance information. Typically, the insurance companies will talk to each other about repairs and cost.

If water damage to condo ceiling is caused by association pipe failure but you do not have homeowners policy will association be liable to pay for repairs?

Work with the board to determine whose responsibility is to repair and whose responsibility it is to pay for the repairs. The board will work with the broker who handles the master insurance policy.

What, specifically, does rental insurance cover and am I the payee or is the landlord?

Rental insurance only covers the renters personal property such as clothes, T.V. furniture etc. Any repairs to the dwelling is the responsibility of the landlord.

How do you dispute auto accident repairs from insurance company?

A dispute of repairs resulting from an accident should be directed to the Shop that made the repairs. The insurer is responsible for paying for the agreed amount for the repairs. However it is the Vehicle owners responsibility to choose a reputable repair shop of choice and the Shops responsibility to provide a quality of work acceptable to the vehicle owner. The insurance company who paid the repair bill is not further liable for poor quality of workmanship ptovided by the repair shop nor for a poor choice of repair facility on the part of the vehicles owner.

What does an auto glass repair company do?

An auto glass repair company repairs or replaces broken vehicle windows. Many insurance companies do not require a deductible be paid for the front windshield. Many glass repair companies will come right to your home or business to do the repairs.

If both drivers in an accident are uninsured does it matter who was at fault?

Even if a driver was uninsured, the driver who was at fault is responsible for paying for repairs. Not having insurance does not take away responsibility.

where can i get insurance that covers all auto repairs ?

US Fidelis offers insurance for auto-repairs. They pay the repair shop while you pay your monthly insurance cost to them

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