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Spermicide alone, rhythm/calendar alone, contraceptive sponge, diaphragm. Withdrawal, used consistently, is more effective than all of these, but still not a highly effective method.

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Q: What is the less effective contraceptives?
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What are effective methods of contraception?

Oral contraceptives (or "the pill") Sterilization

What effective method of contraception?

Oral contraceptives (or "the pill") Sterilization

Do oral contraceptives work?

When taken in the proper amounts, following a specific schedule, oral contraceptives are very effective in preventing pregnancy

What percentage is oral contraceptives effective?

According to the CDC, Oral Contraceptives have a failure rate of 9%. Thus meaning their effectiveness is only 91%

Is the pill an effective method of contraception?

Oral contraceptives (birth control pills) are 99.9% effective when taken correctly.

When to take a contraceptive pill?

You should take contraceptives when you become sexually active. Contraceptives provide an extra dosage of hormones in your body( estrogen and progesterone are common hormones in contraceptives), to protect you from pregnancy. Contraceptives need to be taken everyday at the same time in order to be 99.9% effective.

How can you avoid pregnancy without using any contraceptives?

The best way to avoid pregnancy without contraceptives is abstinence. No other method will be 100% effective. Without contraceptives you are going to have a pretty high chance of getting pregnant, even with the 'rhythm method.'

How effective are contraceptives and what are their side effects?

They work. Side effects, disappointment because u feel very little.

What are the artificial contraceptives?

what are artificial contraceptives?

Who invented contraceptives?

what is the disadvantage of using the contraceptives

What is more effective condoms oral contraceptives IUD's or withdrawal?

Condoms are the only contraceptives that prevent both pregnancy and the spread of STD's, so they are hands-down the best method of contraception (with a success rate upwards of 98% when used correctly). To absolutely prevent pregnancy, it would be wise to use condoms AND a daily oral contraceptive (in case of condom failure, daily oral contraceptives are up to 99% effective when used correctly).

Disadvantage of using contraceptives?

what is the disadvantage of using the contraceptives

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