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What is the life expectency of a penguin?

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Depends on the species of penguins.......but the most famous emperor penguins are expected to last about 20 years :)

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What is the life expectancy of Spain's people?

According to the CIA World Factbook life expectency for the entire population is 81.27 years. Life expectency by gender is Male 78.26 years while the life expectency for Females is 84.47 years. Spain has the 15th highest life expectency in the world.

What is average life expectency in 2008?


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about 50 years

What is the life expectency of Iran?

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No, this is absurd. Life expectency has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Anyone, gay or straight, will shorten his life expectency by enaging in risky behavior.

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About 1-3 years

In 2000 which regions of the world had a low life expectency at birth?


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79 years for male, 86 for female.

What is average life expectency of a lovebird?

15 to 20 years is about the average.

What is the life expectency of a Brittany spaniel?

The life expectancy of a Brittany Spaniel is 12 - 13 year.

What is the average life expectency of a person with cystic fibrosis?

The average life expectancy is about 30, but it varies.

How long does a ewe live for?

The life expectency of sheep averages about 12 years.

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The life expectancy of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is 11-13 years.

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10 billion years or less if stars collide

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The life expectancy of an autistic person is no different to that of a neurotypical person. Autism does not effect a persons life expectency.

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About 83.15 years for women and 76.09 years for men.

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2-5 years depending on how often you use the machine.

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Because they kill each other with ignorance, disease and violence.

What is spindle cell sarcoma in dogs?

what is spindle cell sarcome in dogs? Causes ,treatment, life expectency with or without further treatment

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The life expectancy of mitochondrial disease will depend on the stage it is detected. Even though there is no cure, most people are able to survive the normal life span with proper care.

When was Still Life at the Penguin Cafe created?

Still Life at the Penguin Cafe was created in 1988.

Are penguins there penguin zombies?

In real life, no, there are no penguin zombies.

What type of penguin has the longest life span?

The African penguin has the longest life span. The African penguin can live to the max which is 24 years old.

What is the expected life of the fan?

The life expectency of a fan is about 40,000 hours. This site will help you learn more about the laptop fan.

What is the daily routine life of a penguin like?

go on club penguin