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Once diagnosed (usually around age 30-50) the life expectancy is about 15 years

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2011-02-11 21:13:21
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Q: What is the life span of someone who has huntingtons disease?
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What is the life span of someone who has sickle disease?

Studies report that the average life span is 42 years for males and 48 years for females.

Can someone die from having Huntington's disease?

Yes, the typical life span for someone with the disease is about 20 years from when symptoms first occur.

What is the life span of someone with crest lupus?

There is no such thing as crest lupus. Crest disease is a different disease alltogether. It is however an autoimmune disease just like lupus.

How long can someone live with ALS Lou Gehrig's disease?

Their life span is usually shorten by 4-6 years.

What is the average life span for someone with rheumatoid arthritis?

The ave life span for someone with RA is reduced by about 4 years.

How do people die and why?

people die because they have a life span and if that life span runs out then they die. Plus it is caused by disease, murder, suicide, e.c.t

Which has a longer natural life span a silkworm or a turtle?

A turtle has a longer life span because a silkworm can die by someone killing them

What is the life span of someone with emphysema?

Have theystopped smoking yet?

What is the current life span for someone born in 1948?


What is the average life span of someone born in 1992?

75.4 years

What is the Life span for hemoglobin SC disease or hemoglobin S beta thalassemia?

4 months

What is the life expectency of mitochondrial disease?

The life expectancy of mitochondrial disease will depend on the stage it is detected. Even though there is no cure, most people are able to survive the normal life span with proper care.

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