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Between 11 and 17 years

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What is a baby duckbilledplatapus called?

A baby platypus is called a PUGGLE

What is the lifespan of hair?

Hair is dead, hence no lifespan. it is the lifespan as yourself you dubmsass

How long is poodle lifespan?

The average lifespan of a Poodle is an average lifespan of a dog

What is a manatees lifespan?

5year lifespan

What is Betelgeuse's lifespan?

20 lifespan

The lifespan of a humming bird?

what is the lifespan of a hummingbird

What is the maximum lifespan of planaria?

The maximum recorded lifespan of a planaria is 1.167 years There is no definite answer for its lifespan

What is the lifespan of a bee?

Well, the lifespan of a worker bee is 21 days, the lifespan of a drone bee is 24 days, and the lifespan of the queen bee is 16 days.

What is the lifespan of a Maple tree?

A sugar maple has a lifespan of 300 years. The lifespan depends on the type of maple. A red maple has the lifespan of 150 to 160 years.

What is the lifespan of a newt?

the lifespan is 5-10 years

What is the lifespan of an ox?

The lifespan of ox is about 20 years.

What lifespan for mosquito?

the lifespan for a mosquito is roughly 2years

What are characteristics of lifespan development?

characteristics of lifespan development

What is the lifespan of Parliament in the Bahamas?

the lifespan is 5 years

What is the lifespan of a bridge?

80 years is the lifespan of a bridge

Can you use lifespan in a sentence?

An elephant has a long lifespan.

What is the lifespan of the jamacian boa?

its lifespan is 20 to 21

What is the sharks lifespan?

Each shark has a different lifespan. But the whale shark(Rhiniodon typus) has a lifespan of 100-150 years. I hope that gives you a little of info on the lifespan of a shark.

What is a zebras lifespan?

Average lifespan in the wild: 25 years

Lifespan of a dolphin?

the lifespan of a dolphin is at less 20 years

French bulldog lifespan?

12 years average lifespan.

Lifespan of a pigeon?

The maximum lifespan of a pigeon is 35 years

What are the camels lifespan?

the lifespan of a camels is up to 50 years

What is the lifespan of a mastiff?

The lifespan of a Mastiff is 8 - 10 years.

What is a hippos lifespan?

A hippos lifespan is 40-50 years.