Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out
Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence

What is the likelihood of a 17-year-old in Louisiana being emancipated on the grounds of mental abuse if there are people to testify that it would be best for the minor to move out?


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It depends on the judge, if she is convinced by the 17 year old and the witnesses, then the judge will emancipate him/her.


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The state does not recognize the right of minors to be emancipated and therefore does not have grounds nor procedures for the act.

No. There are not grounds nor procedures in any US state for such action.

No. Alienation of Affection as legal grounds for a lawsuit was abolished in Louisiana in 1927.

No, the state does not have grounds nor procedures for the emancipation of minors.

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Only a few states provide the grounds and procedures for the emancipation of minors, the minimum age in all such states is sixteen.

No. Missouri does not allow emancipation of minors and therefore does not have grounds nor procedures for the act.

http://www.leg.state.mn.us/lrl/issues/legalage.asp "The Minnesota Statutes do not provide either the grounds or a procedure for emancipation. Minnesota case law has established that a minor can be emancipated by a legal marriage or by parental consent."

Very few US states have grounds and procedures for the emancipation of minors. The minimum age is 16 in the states that have emancipation status.

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In the few states that have grounds and procedures for emancipation of minors (sometimes referred to as the "Removal of Disability of Non-Age") the minimum age for filing a petition is 16-years.

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No, Missouri does not have grounds nor legal procedures for the emancipation of minors. If a minor marries or enlist in the military they are considered legally emancipated, both acts require the consent of the minor's parents or legal guardian.

Depends on the age, and where they live, and the grounds of the emancipation they ar declaring, and if they earn enough money to survive on their on, if there parents and law agree. and if they are well enough to look after themselves.

The age of majority in Minnesota is eighteen. Minnesota statutes do not provide the grounds nor the procedure for the petition of emancipation rights concerning minors. http://www.leg.state.mn.us

Teenagers in Virginia who wish to be emancipated need to file a petition in their county's Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. A judge will eventually determine if grounds for emancipation exist.

No, the state of Missouri does not have established grounds nor procedures for the emancipation of minors and the legal age of majority is 18.

No, the legal age of majority in Ohio is 18. The state does not have grounds or procedures for such action, therefore it is not possible for a person to file a petition requesting an emancipation decree.

The state does not have grounds nor procedures to allow the emancipation of a minor. The state's legal age of majority is 18.

The process of becoming emancipated would take far longer than two months, and by then you'll be 18 and a legal adult. Just wait the 60 days. Besides, not being able to think and perform well in school aren't really grounds for emancipation, which is an extreme option.

The correct term is Coffee grounds.

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