What is the likelihood of a narcissist realizing the mistakes he has made in a primary relationship?



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Very likely. Just as the wise say you never know whats good until its gone answer This is just my opinion, based on my experience. I would say that the N probably knows all along that they are on borrowed time, in most cases. They know they are pushing things, but are unable to care or empathize with the person they hurt. Supremely selfish beings that they are,they will use the game of trying to convince you that they are right, therefore messing with your reality. If they are successful they have WON and have succeeded in securing you as supply. This also serves to help them when they devalue you. They might say smugly to themselves, "Ha, this person can't even see through my B.S. They deserve to be taken advantage of!" N's think that they are smarter than just about everyone you see. I also believe that they are always on the lookout for a new source of supply in case you figure them out. What a sick, precarious lifestyle for them!


They don't care is the point, its me,myself and I as far as they are concerned. They cannot change their spots without therapy or willingness. Why not find someone that isn't so highmaintenance and you can enjoy life with not play their life.