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What is the limited amount of time a puppy can be left in a cage all day in Ohio?



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First consider what is right for your puppy. Make sure the cage is the right size and introduce the puppy to the cage for short periods of time. Generally, it is not good to leave an animal in the cage more than six to eight hours at a time on a regular basis. Puppies have small bladders and should not be left alone in a cage for more than 2 hours at a time. Get a good friend or neighbor to come over and let your puppy out. Be sure the cage is a larger one so that the pup can sleep on a blanket at one end with a dish of water and at the other end some paper to piddle or go poo on. Dogs do not like to go potty near their food or sleeping quarters. Get someone to come in and let your pup go potty and have some exercise.