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First consider what is right for your puppy. Make sure the cage is the right size and introduce the puppy to the cage for short periods of time. Generally, it is not good to leave an animal in the cage more than six to eight hours at a time on a regular basis. Puppies have small bladders and should not be left alone in a cage for more than 2 hours at a time. Get a good friend or neighbor to come over and let your puppy out. Be sure the cage is a larger one so that the pup can sleep on a blanket at one end with a dish of water and at the other end some paper to piddle or go poo on. Dogs do not like to go potty near their food or sleeping quarters. Get someone to come in and let your pup go potty and have some exercise.

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How do you ship a puppy?

put it in a cage

How do you stop a puppy spoiling on the carpet?

Obtain a cage with your new puppy the cage will help make the puppy feel secure, will make a home there and will therefore not spoil. Feed puppy and then put back in cage after 30 mins take puppy out to back garden where it may spoil as it spoils say the words 'busy busy' return puppy to cage with treat. repeat this every day (puppy can obviously come out of cage at other times but be careful not to overtire) The puppy will adopt the habit that every time you take it to the garden and say 'busy busy' it will spoil and therefore never be undisciplined enough to spoil in the house or where it shouldn't. Useful if taking dog on a train, bus etc as you can be confident it won't want to go if you have already 'walked' it in the garden.

How do you get a small dog used to a new puppy?

keep them in the same cage

Is it normal for a puppy to bite its cage?

In most cases yes, nothing wants to be stuck in a cage. That's the only way it knows to get out.

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What are the release dates for In a Cage - 2013?

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Why is puppy peeing in the crate?

You might be leaving your puppy in the crate for too long. Young puppies can't hold their bladder very long. If you got the puppy from a pet store where he/she may have spent a lot of time in a cage, going to the bathroom in something like a crate or cage might be normal to him/her. Answer hTHe crate may also be to large

What are the release dates for Road to the Cage 3D - 2012?

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How many dogs are in one cage at a pupppy mill?

As many as the person can fit into that cage. Puppy mills are horrible places for dogs to live. They are illegal and any information on puppy mills should be directed you your local SCPA, Animal Services, or police station. It is considered animal abuse.

Where does a puppy live?

puppies live at your house in the living room with a bed or cage. p.s put in a couple of toys and a blanket

What makes a dachshund puppy pee in their cage?

Puppies urinate anywhere but as they get older they will not go to the bathroom where they sleep, so you must have a big enough cage to make a urine spot until he/she learns to hold it. Then you can move him/her to a small cage and they will learn to hold it even longer.

How many dogs are put into one cage in puppy mills?

Many, many, many dogs. It depends on how big the cage is. Most small cages (about 2x3ft) contain at least 3 dogs, while it is almost abuse to have ONE dog in the cage, but it depends on his size.

How do you make puppy's stop crying in their cage?

they shouldn't be in cages buy him/her a bed. it isn't safe for a dog/puppy to be sleeping in a cage the paws can get ruined or if it stays in there long enough when it gets older it can attack you it happened to me

How do you get a puppy to go in a cage when you have to go out?

Use a treat, like a bisquit, to lure him/her in. Once inside, give the treat along with praise.

How often should you clean a hamster's cage?

The average amount of time you should clean your hamsters cage is about every 5 Days FUN!!!!!

How much are owl cages?

Well i am looking for one to the best cage i found was priced at $400.01. And it was huge that was the best cage for the least amount of money.

What sort of cage is it best to keep a westie in?

I kept my westie in a puppy pen whilst it needed it but they dont actually need to stay in a cage. If you are putting it in a cage for transportation you should make sure that your cage is not too big so your dog will not slide around, also it will discourage it from soiling the cage as it doesnt like to sleep next to its soil. But the dog should be able to sit down in it without straining its head and neck

How much sand gravel do bearded dragons need in there cage?

It depends on the size of the cage, although normally the amount of sand should be a few cenimeters thick.

Do the dogs at puppy mills get to play?

Dogs in puppy mills usually entertain themselves by running around in circles in their tiny cages. Some dogs just lay in their cage and hope to die. Sound fun?? <<<adopt don't shop>>>

How Do You Get A Labradoodle Puppy?

Well If You Have A Poodle And A Labrador Put Them In The Same Cage Together But Listen Carefully The Poodle Has To Be A Male And The Labrador Has To Be A Female And Wait For Them To Mate And Then Wait A Longtime For You Puppy To Be Born Then Wait For Him To Grow Up And Then You Got A Best Friend.

What conditions could cause pain in the rib cage?

Some causes of rib cage pain can be attributed to, but not limited to: a bruised or cracked rib, inflamed cartilage around the sternum, osteoporosis, and pleurisy.

Should the US allow puppy mills?

== == == == NO! They are cruel to all dogs in them. Would you like to be crammed in a cage with nothing but urine feces and other dogs? ---- == ==

How long do beagle puppies stay in a cage?

Typically, a puppy can stay crated for as many hours as he is old, i.e. a dog that is five months old can stay in his crate for five hours. However, this is an estimate and you should base it on how well your puppy can stay in a crate.

How can to many crickets hurt a bearded dragon?

any amount of crickets can hurt a bearded dragon if they are left in the cage. when the beardie is done eating, take all the crickets out of the cage.

How often do you change a guinea pig cage?

depending on the size, amount of guineas about once a week