What is the literacy of Jharkhand?

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The literacy rate for Jharkhand is 54.13%, out of which male literacy rate is 67.94% and female literacy rate is 39.38 %. There is a large reservoir of education and technical institutes, offering large pool of trained manpower for industries. More Details at : Education in Jharkhand.. (http://newswing.com/?page_id=752)
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What is literacy?

Literacy is the ability to read and write. In modern context, the word means reading and writing in a level adequate for written communication and generally a level that enables one to successfully function at certain levels of a society.. Numeracy is the ability to count and do arithmetic.

What is the definition of literacy?

Answer . literacy is the ability to read and write. . Literacy is the ability to read and write. In modern context, the word means reading and writing in a level adequate for written communication and generally a level that enables one to successfully function at certain levels of a society.. ( Full Answer )

Why is literacy important?

Literacy (reading and writing competence) is important because itallows the communication of information and ideas in a manner whichis persistent and independent; a voice can be heard when spoken,but what happens to the information it imparts for posterity? Whereis the voice without the speaker? If ( Full Answer )

Are there any hotels in Madhupur Jharkhand?

I am from Madhupur, there are one or two small hotels(for stay) and dhramsala are available in Madhupur. There are few paying guest accommodation also available.. regards

One paragraph of literacy of literacy and non literacy?

manvi went into the room while video man was making her video. it was a lesbien show. so manvi went on the bed and opened her midi slowly while seducing herself. then when she opened it she touched her breasts and punched them and cried. then she opened her bra. her nips were visible. she touched th ( Full Answer )

What is visual literacy?

Visual Literacy is the ability to interpret, negotiate, and make meaning from information presented in the form of an image. Visual Literacy is based on the idea that pictures can be "read" and that meaning can be communicated through a process of reading. The term itself was created by John Debes i ( Full Answer )

Who invented literacy?

The invention of writing is prehistoric. Not surprisingly, people who couldn't write didn't write down how they learned to use letters.

What is critical literacy?

Critical literacy is a way to approach a text but reading it with acritical eye. This approach requires readers to analyze the subtextand meaning revealed in a text.

What is the simple literacy?

· Simple literacy - refers to the ability to understand a simple message written or oral in any dialect or language.

Name the districts in jharkhand?

Check this site... It contains detailed information about each and every districts in Jharkhand. http://www.traveljharkhand.com/jharkhand-tourism/districts-in-jhrakhand.com

What is functional literacy?

Functional literacy describes reading ability in terms of day today life. Functional literacy is reading and writing ability thatallows an individual to fully function in their society.

Current centimeters of jharkhand?

Currently,there is no CM in jharkhand..it is under control of president's rule after resigning of ex-C.M. Shibu soren.

What is financial literacy?

Financial literacy is the ability of individuals to make appropriate decisions in managing their personal finances . Raising levels of financial literacy is now a focus of government programmes in countries including Australia, Japan, the United States and the UK. The OECD started an inter-governmen ( Full Answer )

What is the computer literacy?

Computer Literacy is an area of knowledge that is needed in this day and age as technology increases further. The Computer Literacy tests just test your basic knowledge of computers; using word, using a mouse and keyboard and knowing how to get around.

What is technological literacy?

Knowledge and understanding of all necessary technologies for your typical social tasks, daily tasks, and job tasks with theability to use them all safely and with confidence. This does not mean one must know all technologies, only theones you must be able to use to "function adequately" in socie ( Full Answer )

What Is Geographic Literacy?

Geographic Literacy is important so you can find locations on a map and so you know about the world around you in which we all live.

What is Civic Literacy?

Civic literacy is an aspect of civil education involving what mustbe done to develop citizenship and learn connections between itscurrent standards like critical thinking, reading, writing, andspeaking.

What is literacy development?

Literacy development pertains to the development of a persons reading and writing abilities. There are many levels of literacy development starting with recognizing letters and their sounds, being able to sound out words by breaking them into simple forms, reading and comprehending and the ability t ( Full Answer )

What is the political problems of jharkhand?

The main political problem of jharkhand is corruption . We can see in every sector of it there is a problem due to corruption . Every party wants to rule it by his own way but don't have any right ways and that why jharkhand has many political problem

What is science literacy?

Scientific literacy was defined by the council of ministers of education in 1997 as " an evolving combination of the science-related attitudes, skills, and knowledge students need to develop inquiry, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities, to become lifelong learners, and to maintain a s ( Full Answer )

What is the conflict in literacy?

One of the conflicts in literacy education is whether to teach phonics or whole language. Fortunately, most educators now realize they need to teach both to be effective.

What is literacy ambassador?

For 12 years, Cathy Puett Miller, president of TLA, Inc. has been called "the Literacy Ambassador". She has trademarked this aka and defines the "literacy ambassador" as one who makes friends for reading, writing, listening and communicating. TLA's website, www.readingisforeveryone.org gives details ( Full Answer )

How many districts are there in Jharkhand?

The Indian State of Jharkhand has twenty-four administrative districts. These are: . Bokaro . Chatra . Deoghar . Dhanbad . Dumka . Purba Singhbhum . Garhwa . Giridih . Godda . Gumla . Hazaribagh . Koderma . Lohardaga . Pakur . Palamu . Ranchi . Sahibganj . Seraikela & Kharsawan ( Full Answer )

Where the tata mines in ghatotand in jharkhand?

the tata mines in ghatotand is in ramgardh dist. mines are washery, power house and diffrend one.. . you can take more information about tata mines plz contact me bcoz i m from ghatotand.. . my email address is sumit176@gmail.com . thank u

What is the capital of the jharkhand?

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand. For more about Jharkhand , check these links http://www.traveljharkhand.com/jharkhand-tourism/jharkhand-overview.html

What is literacy tax?

Tax literacy is the understanding of all of the ins and outs oftaxes. There is a lot to learn about taxes and many people have togo to school to learn everything about taxes.

What is the GDP of jharkhand?

the GDP of jharkhand 2008-2009 is about 8.45% which is greater than rajsthan and other develope state.......

Why MBA in Jharkhand?

Being an Ex-Student I advise all the MBA Aspirants to atleast NSIBM , Jamshedpur. Where your future can be endorsed and ensured.

Where in jharkhand does equator crosses?

The equator does not cross Jharkand, or any part of India at all. The airport at Ranchi is located at 23.315 degrees north latitude ... about 2,580 km north of the equator. Perhaps you are thinking of the "Tropic of Cancer" ... the northern boundary of the tropic zone, at roughly 23.5 degrees n ( Full Answer )

What is IT literacy?

Information technology literacy is the full form of IT literacy. It implies that you should know the basic knowledge of modern technology as well as know how to use it. For example knowing how to use a computer is a simple IT literacy.

What's is the languages of jharkhand?

Hindi is the State Language .The people of Jharkhand speak a number of languages belonging to three major language families: the Munda languages which ...

What are synonyms in literacy?

two words that can be interchanged in a context are said to be synonymous relative to that context I hope that helps

What is position of jharkhand in education?

Well if you start finding the position of education specially for the sates such as Jharkhand and Bihar too, thne you will come to know that most of the IITians belong to these two states. But it is also been a truth that there are lots of people still not educated. So you can consider yourself the ( Full Answer )

What is mudama mela in jharkhand?

mudama is considered to be a serpent goddess mainly venereted inthe area of mysore mostly in sub-brahmin castes.

Who is the richest people in jharkhand?

1) Mr. Rahul Dutta 2) Mr. Nayan Kajal Das 3) Mr. Madhu sudan kahar 4) Mr. Bikash Biswas 5) Mr. Soumirtro Sarkar 6) Mr. Madan Sharma 7) Mr. Motu rungta 8) Mr. Jhalak Roy Maulick (Dastak Studios) 9) Mr. Shubham Mukherjee (Webaccuracy) 10). Mr. Ankit Kr

What is aspice in literacy?

Aspice is a mnemonic to assist children in finding interesting andmore useful ways of starting a sentence than with a pronoun, theword The or the word And. A = adverb (such as Slowly, Finally, Carefully) S = speech (by starting with speech, the child throws the readerstraight into the story) P = pr ( Full Answer )

Where is Jharkhand?

Jharkhand is a state in Eastern India, bordered by Bihar to thenorth, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh to the west, Odisha to thesouth, and West Bengal to the east.

What is the Provincial animal of Jharkhand?

The Indian elephant ( Elephas maximus indicus ) is the provincial animal of Jharkhand and also the national animal of the Republic of India.

Which is the best web development company of jharkhand?

Redeemer Engisoft (P) Ltd is providing best web development service in ramgarh, Jharkhand. They are ISO 9001 certified company from Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New-Zealand (JAS-ANZ). They also expert in on-line marketing and search engine optimization services. They provide the ( Full Answer )

When how and why vat started in jharkhand?

The VAT stands for value-added taxation. It was introduced on April 1, 2005 as an indirect tax into the Indian taxation system. Jharkland was one state that chose to stay out of it until a later date, but has now adopted it. VAT replaced the general tax laws.

Where can one contact the government of Jharkhand?

The government of Jharkhand can be contacted by visiting the national parliament in the state of Jharkhand in eastern India. That's located on the subcontinent of India.