Established in November 15, 2000, Jharkhand is a state in eastern India with an area of 28,833 sq mi. Its capital is Ranchi, while Jamshedpur is the state’s biggest city.

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How do you answer 'Have you ever been convicted of a crime' on a job application if you committed the crime at seventeen years of age?

It depends on the laws in your country. In the UK for most jobs you only don't have to declare spent convictions under the rehabilitation of offenders act unless the position states otherwise ie. government, medical or working with vunerable people or children. Additionally, if the crime was commited when you were a minor, these are usually treated differently and I wouldn't expect that you would have to declare this.

This law was set up to give offenders a better chance of finding employment without prejudice by employers who would likely reject an application based on a criminal record.

Very simply, answer the question.

Remember that by signing your application, you give a prospective employer the right to verify these answers - so obviously, don't lie. Unless the application tells you otherwise, include anything and everything - anything more serious than a parking ticket.

Be completely honest.

My husband and I are self-employed. So I can give you an example from personal experience.

Several years ago a young man answered a help wanted ad my husband had placed in the paper.

The young man filled out his application and the initial interview went well.

When he was called back for a second interview, my husband asked him if he'd ever been convicted of a crime -- as he read over the man's application.

On the application the guy had marked 'No' in response to that question. But during the interview, he apparently had a change of heart, and told my husband that he had indeed been in trouble with the law at some point.

This admission was what got him the job. You see, we'd already run a background check (and heard rumors -- it's a small towm). So we already knew the facts when he came in for his interview.

Because he decided to come clean and tell us the truth, my husband decided to give the guy a chance. For a few years, he was one of our best employees before he moved on.

But my point is this...we knew. If he had continued with his lie, we never would have even considered hiring him.

Honesty really is best. Not all employers will be as generous or understanding, I realize. But it's better to be up front about it than to have your secret discovered later, don't you think?

on the application you put yes and next to it you add "will discuss during the interview" On the day of the face to face interview, when he/she/they ask you about it you say something like " I've made some mistakes in my past but the past is the past now I'm more mature and have learned from my mistakes" and leave it at that unless they want more details then just be honest.

Be honest...Always be honest.

But don't get tripped up by the question that is on most standard applications in Canada ... "Have you ever been convicted of a crime to which a pardon has not been granted?" it is a trick question (although I am overly analytical), if you answer no as I would meaning I have never been convicted of a crime it could be confused as you saying you have been convicted but a pardon has not been granted so I normally will write it out in full I have never been convicted of a crime. Just me being paranoid.

I agree with the honesty policy, but I would point out the date in the past, and briefly reflect on your decisions. This makes you look more like the responsible person you are.

I disagree entirely! " honestly" is not the way to go. Anyone who thinks you should answer that question honestly probably has never been convicted of a crime and has no idea of the prejudice and bias that follows someone with a record.

Everywhere it is an uneven playing field from getting a job, or a place to live, or to be third base coach for your son's little league. It doesn't matter if it is a Martha Stewart conviction or a Charles Manson conviction, there is no way any employer will hire you, not a chance if you put you were convicted of a crime.

Please don't listen to that honesty is the best policy garbage, or you will stay unemployed end up hungry and homeless and ultimately be relieved to be back in jail after you have no means of income and the cycle continues. That's the way it works, people lie all the time to get ahead in the business world, it is what trump and the rest are looking for and this is just another example of when it flies.

They don't check your past anyway unless the job is maybe a policeman or governor type thing, or actually forget it . . . they don't check!!! (If they do, look at them with crazed eyes until they leave you alone and then get back to work.)

And now for the "other side of the story".

Did it ever occur to you that some business owners used to be crooks? And now they are straight and do hire people with less than perfect backgrounds? But of course they do check backgrounds, and they do "test" the new guy a little, to see if he has "changed his ways".

If you lie on this question, and a possible employer finds out the truth, you just proved that you haven't learned from your mistakes. Then you could be fired for falsifying your application. Best bet, be honest!

Here is my take on the issue, if you answer yes, they are not going to hire you, over someone else that checked "no" and that's just the way life is. Best bet it to check no, if you work for a year or so and prove yourself hopefully if they ever find out they will keep you, if not, then oh well, you wouldn't of got the job if you checked that box.

My question is, if you have been conviced, then you have done your time, why do they even ask the question to start with?? that should tell you something.

If you lie and your boss finds out you can be fired without benefits. And sometimes they can pursue legal action, in our case. We had a guy lie about being a child molester. I work with children Do you want someone like that working with your children? Think about who you may be giving advice to.

And not getting hired because your a criminal is an excuse. We hired a guy on an electronic ankle braclet. If he can get a job and you can't you need to try harder. Special Needs people get jobs. Hook yourself up with an employment agency or get into one of those trade fields.

We fired him for *drumroll* Stabbing one of our employees because he asked him if he wanted a sandwich. Yup, a sandwich. And he got hired to work around kids!

There have been a lot of times I can't get a job, and I have a full resume and years of management experience. Sometimes its just not there.

I work with individuals with a "previous life" and it is difficult at times to assist them in finding the right employment. One thing that so few of the special needs population and their prospective employers are aware of is the Federal Bonding program. You can obtain information regarding this program through your local Workforce office or often times, the area Urban League. It is a Federal Program that issues Fidelity Bonding on applicants that have barriers that prevent them from entering the workforce. These Bonds are issued for a six month duration, beginning upon the first day of employment. I encourage you to have an idea of your state's programs and have this information available to the prospective employer if the only reason or not hiring you is the conviction.

On another note, many employers are not as concerned or need reassurances when the conviction is over seven years old.

Best of luck to you. The right employer is out there.


Where to buy herbal essences in India?

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What does the name Bashar Al Assad mean?

Bashar in Arabic means "the messenger".

Al Assad in Arabic means "the lion".

His father Al Hafez Assad changed the family's last name years ago. His former last name was Al' Wahash which in Arabic means "The Beast".

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Name the districts in jharkhand?

Check this site... It contains detailed information about each and every districts in Jharkhand. http://www.traveljharkhand.com/jharkhand-tourism/districts-in-jhrakhand.com


Which is the largest district of jharkhand?

to my best knowledge it is west singhbhum


What is the smallest district of jharkhand?

Pakur. Earlier it was Lohardagga.


Explain the power and function of chief minister?

explaine the power and function of chief minister

All India Engineering Entrance Examination AIEEE

What is the State game of jharkhand?

gilli danda


Is that council of higher secondary education Delhi is valid board?

yes the council of higher secondary education,delhi is valid and recognized board


Which is the best CBSE board school in Jharkhand?

School aims to provide an exciting all round education to create global citizens through traditional values of love, empathy, respect and discipline. To enable the students to achieve their dreams sr internationalschoolis best cbse board school in jharkhand http://www.srinternationalschoolpipra.in

Who is the richest person in jharkhand?


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Who is the current CEO of LensCrafters?

Mr. Dave Brown

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What is vodafone India CEO's email id?

Email: marten.pieters@vodafone.com

Marten Pieters is the CEO of Vodafone Essar India since March 2009.

Dated September 2nd, 2011


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How many block in jharkhand?

Type your answer here... 260


Present CM of jharkhand?

shueb akhtar

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Politics and Government

Chief minister of jharkhand?

Hemant Soren


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How old is Bashar al-Assad?

Bashar al-Assad is 51 years old (birthdate: September 11, 1965).


How many districts are there in Jharkhand?

The Indian State of Jharkhand has twenty-four administrative districts. These are:

  • Bokaro
  • Chatra
  • Deoghar
  • Dhanbad
  • Dumka
  • Purba Singhbhum
  • Garhwa
  • Giridih
  • Godda
  • Gumla
  • Hazaribagh
  • Koderma
  • Lohardaga
  • Pakur
  • Palamu
  • Ranchi
  • Sahibganj
  • Seraikela & Kharsawan
  • Pashchim Singhbhum
  • Ramgarh
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What is Mahesh Bhatt's office address in Mumbai?

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What is Bashar al-Assad's birthday?

Bashar al-Assad was born on September 11, 1965.


What is the capital of Jharkhand?



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