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What is the lowest spot on earth that you can visit?

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The Dead Sea at 1,378 ft below sea level is the lowest place on earth.

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The earths core? I think :)

That is in Death Valley, California.

Yes! The highest place on earth is located in the Himalayan Mountains of Asia, and is called Mt. Everest. Asia also contains the lowest spot on earth. This spot is called the Dead Sea.

The shoreline of the Dead Sea, on the border of Israel and Jordan in the Middle East, is the lowest land area on Earth

Lowest spot as to sea level? Or lowest in terms of the globe north to south?

The lowest spot in the United States lies in California's Death Valley. It is about 282 feet below sea level. The lowest spot on earth is in Israel near the Dead Sea at over 1,200 feet below sea level.

The lowest spot on the surface of US is Death Valley.

The question is describing the Dead Sea.Technically, a 'spot' has no dimensions, and thus it can't be half-and-half anything.

No. it's the deepest point on earth No, it's the lowest spot in the Western Hemisphere. The deepest point would belong to the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is the lowest spot on Earth so all of the water in the area came to this spot. Much of that water has evaporated leaving behind the salts that came with the water.

No. The bottom of the ocean is the lowest place on Earth. But the Dead Sea is the lowest inhabitable place on earth

hot spot are that places on the earth where there is the chances of magma emission

The crust is the layer of the Earth that has the the lowest density

Troposphere is the lowest level.

Visit Your Doctor Immediately!

The lowest known place on the surface of the Earth is at the bottom of the ocean, in the Mariana Trench.

The highest spot on Earth is the top of Mount Everest - 8,850 m (29,035 ft) tall. The lowest spot on Earth is near the dead sea - about 397 m (1,300 ft) below sea level. The lowest spot on the Earth's surface is the Mariana trench - 11,040.4 m (36,198 ft) in the floor of the western Pacific Ocean. If by distance you mean vertical distance - you get 9,247 m (30,339.4 feet) between Mount Everest and the Dead Sea, and 19,890.4 m (65,260.4 feet) between Mount Everest and the Mariana Trench. If you mean distance across the earth - it is about 2671.17 km from Mount Everest to the Dead Sea and 3258.8 km from Mount Everest to the Mariana Trench.

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth.,

The coast of Spain is at sea level.

Highest point on earth is Mount Everest and the lowest point on earth is the Marinian Trench... I think its spelled that way

the hobbit did not visit the middle of the earth. He lives in a place called Middle-Earth.

Yes. Every time the earth orbits the Sun it returns to the same spot

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