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shark nets kill more. Plastic bags can easily be ripped out of by most marine life but nets are designed to catch them.

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What animals live in a marine biome?

animals that can take the salt in the marine water. Animals from a freshwater biome can't live in a marine biome cause it does not have the adaptation to live in the salty marine biome

What effects does water pollution have on marine animals?

Can cause marine animals to pick up diseases and spread them eventually dieing

What marine animals are endangered?

be cause their are to many ol spils

How do marine animals cause injurie?

By wrapping their tentacles and stinging

In your opinion what is the cause of extinction of animals?

The extinction of animals is caused by humans killing animals. Extinction of animals may also be caused by pollution or forest fires that are killing off the plants and trees.

Why is plastic waste a nuisance?

Plastic bag is a non decomposable material. Humans & animals have an enzyme which helps in digestion. When plastic bag is swallowed, this enzyme does not help in digestion. For animals it can cause death & for humans cause any disease.

Do oil spills cause disease to marine life?

Yes, it does. It kills the Marine animals that live in the oceans such as turtles and fish.

How do marine animals cause injuries?

by wrapping their tentacles around the casualty and stinging him or her

How do marine animals cause injury?

by wrapping their tentacles around the casualty and stinging him or her

How do marine and sea animals cause injuries?

By wrapping their tentacles around the casualty and stinging him or her

What are the effects of oil rigs on marine life?

It Could Cause The Marine Life To Die Off.Especially If The Oil Rig Leaks Then All The Habitats Of The Animals Will Get Lost And The Animals Will Die.

What causes threatened habitat?

people killing animals or deforestation or an other natural cause

What is the effect of throwing garbage in rivers in freshwater ecosystem?

it will cause flashfloods, and reducing the no. of marine animals ....

What is the most common cause for animals to be endangered?

Humans taking away there homes and killing them off

How does over hunting cause a species population to decrease?

By killing more animals than are borne.

Why are rising seas a danger to the environment?

Rising seas cause floods and can destroy animals' homes! Not to mention drowning animals and killing plants.

How is killing animals cruel?

Killing animals is not necessarily cruel. Cruelty is to cause suffering deliberately or as the result of deliberate neglect. Animals can be killed as an act of kindness as well when the suffering of a sick or hurt animal cannot be alleviated in any other way.

What are 3 ways in which plants can cause harm to humans?

Plants can harm people by killing of crops, killing animals vital to the food chain, and by the plant being poisonous.

Is plastic better than wood?

Yes cause it's not killing a tree just for it's wood and contributing and producing global warming. Try to re-use plastic to conserve energy.

How does poly bags if disposed pf carelessly cause problems to animals and drainage system?

If poly bags are recycled correctly they are 100% recyclable. If they are not disposed of properly animals can eat the plastic or become entangled in the plastic.

Why are human mammals so intelligent?

Cause like we are animalls reptiles and we are good and if your family died from wild animals like killing a chicken and its family is scared so if we are really like next time in the future we can stop killing inocent animals

What could cause a habitat change?

Pollution, flooding, entense heat or cold, or humans cutting down the plants and killing the animals could cause a habitat change.

Do people protect endangered marine mammal?

yes they do cause us scientist believe that all animals should have a chance to live

What is the biggest cause of marine pollution?

Oil spills is the biggest cause of marine pollution. An oil spill can devastate and area of the ocean. Factories are another major cause of marine pollution.

How does acid rain affect you?

Acid rain will go into are rivers, reservoirs and oceans and cause the pH of them to increase slightly therefore affecting marine life. Killing fish also causes other animals which eat fish and use the water to be effected. This would cause an economic impact because fishermen would loose money and acid rain will cause soil to be acidic meaning crops and plants wont grow as well which would effect farmers. This would cause a social impact as acid rain erodes limestone/ certain buildings, and there to be less fish/animals for us to eat. This would cause an environmental impact as plants, marine life and animals will be killed. Overall you can clearly see that acid rain effects us greatly.