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Rain Forests are grouped into two major types: tropical and temperate. Most might say the main vegetation is trees, but rain forests have a vast amount of different kinds of vegetation. Here's some more information: A tropical rain forest has broadleaf evergreen trees that form a closed canopy, and abundance of vines and plants that grow on the trees called epiphytes, a relatively open forest floor, and a large number of species of plants and animals. The largest areas of this type of rain forest are in the Amazon basin of South America, the Congo basin and other lowland equatorial regions of Africa, and on the mainland and islands off Southeast Asia. Small areas of tropical rain forests can also be found in Central America and along the Queensland Coast of Australia. Temperate Rain Forests grow in higher-latitude regions that have wet, maritime climates. They are less extensive than the tropical rain forests, but have some of the most valuable timber in the world. The trees often exceed those of tropical forests in height, but the diversity of species is not as vast. Notable temperate rain forest areas are on the northwest coast of North America, southern Chile, Tasmania, and parts of southeastern Australia and New Zealand. While you will find Conifers, such as Redwood and Sitka Spruce in the temperate rain forests of North America, the tropical rain forests of the Southern Hemisphere include trees like Eucalyptus, Araucaria, and Nothofagus. Though Rain Forests cover less than six percent of the Earth's total land surface, the are home to up to three-fourths of all known species of plants and animals.

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Q: What is the main vegetation in the rainforest?
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What is the vegetation of the Amazon Rainforest?

---- ====== ====== The Vegetation in the Amazon Rainforest is very dense and thick and I think it is BEAUTIFUL!

What is the vegetation like in the Amazon rainforest?

The amazon rainforest's

What is the vegetation cover of South Korea?

Tropical rainforest

What is the number one vegetation in Brazil?

The vegetation in Brazil is the Tropical Rainforest.

What is the relationship between climate and vegetation?

The vegetation that grows in the rainforest is that which is best suited to the climate.

The Natural Vegetation in Greece is?

grassland, rainforest

What is the vegetation of the rainforest?

trees and plants. durh.

What is the vegetation of the tropical rainforest?

Plants and trees

What is the vegetation of banyan tree?

tropical rainforest

What is the elepants job in the rainforest?

clearing vegetation

What is the link between climate and vegetation?

The link between climate and vegetation is the vegetation that grows in the rainforest is that which is best suited to the climate.

How many layers of vegetation would you find in a rainforest?

There are four layers of vegetation in a rainforest. They are Emergent layer, canopy layer, understory layer and forest floor.

What is the land features of the Zaire tropical rainforest?

The main feature in the tropical rainforest of Zaire, Africa is a land covered by vegetation, vines, climbers, and many different types of trees. It has a hot and humid climate.

Vegetation in the Amazon rainforest?

Vegetation in the Amazon rainforest is lash and plentiful without human encroachment. The Amazon holds many medicines and helpful plants that have yet to be utilized.

Why is the rainforest a good place to live?

Good thing about rainforest is that there is plenty of vegetation.

Why is a forest called a rainforEst?

Rainforest are thick jungles supported by heavy rainfall and thick vegetation.

Are there any bushes in the rainforest?

There are bushes in the rainforest. The rainforest is home to a vary wide array of vegetation including trees, bushes, and plants.

What is the most common type of vegetation throughout Latin America and which country has the most land with that type of vegetation?

Tropical rainforest is the most common vegetation. Brazil has that kind of vegetation.

How do vegetation and climate in the Savannah differ from that in the rainforest?

its different because vegetation is more different than rain forest

What is the largest vegetation area in Latin America?

The Amazon rainforest.

Why is there so much vegetation in the rainforest?

because theres alot

Natural vegetation of the amazon rainforest?

i dont fucing know

What large rainforest in Africa is teeming with vegetation?

I think its Congo.

Why is it called a rainforest?

It is called a rainforest because it rains there often. It is a home to beautiful vegetation and many tropical animals.

What physical features are in the Amazon rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest consists of mostly vegetation. there is a little bit of the Andes Mountains in them.