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What is the major livestock of Maryland?

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Dairy cattle.

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What are Maryland's major livestock?

Maryland has a lot of fine horse farms, however cows, hogs and chicken still outnumber the horses.

What is the major source of livestock by products?

Livestock, obviously

What products did Maryland produce?

There are many products from Maryland. Some of these include livestock, crops (such as corn, tomatoes, and apples), and fish.

What Major cities are in Maryland?

Two of the major cities in Maryland are Annapolis and Baltimore.

What were the major colonial cities of Maryland?

The major cities of Colonial Maryland are: Baltimore and Annapolis.

Does livestock pollute the earth?

Livestock pollutes the earth through their excrement. This substance can pollute fresh water supplies. Livestock is a major source of pollution.

What is the major river in Maryland?

The Great River o' Maryland.

What livestock are in New York?

They have a major dairy herd.

What is mali's major export?


Major imports for panama?

corn, rice, livestock

What are major lake in Maryland?

there r no major rivers

What are the major exports of Somalia?

livestock is the largest export of somalia- for over 80% of their exports, livestock is the biggest one.

What was a major crop of Virginia Maryland and North Carolina?

Tobacco was the major crop of Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina.

A major reason for the founding of the Maryland colony was to?

A major reason for the founding of the Maryland colony was to create a refuge for the Catholics.

Is fishing a major industry in Maryland?

one of the major industries.

A major city in Maryland?

The two main cities in Maryland are Annapolis and Baltimore.

What are the major crops in Maryland?


What is a major city in Maryland?


What is Maryland major industries?


What are major highways in Maryland?


What is the major crop of Maryland?


What are the major types of abnormalities or mutations in livestock?

Livestock themselves are unique in their own major types of abnormalities or mutations. But the causes of these abnormalities or mutations are very similar among all livestock species. Therefore, abnormalities and mutations in livestock are caused by four main things: Heredity Nutritional Deficiencies or Toxicities Radiation Accidents of Development

What kind of food did Maryland colonists eat?

The kind of food that Maryland colonists would eat was meat from livestock and chickens. They would also have rice, pudding, and berries that they would gather.

What are some major states of Maryland?

Maryland is a US State and contains no other state.

What are the major crops grown in the Midwest?

It was used for the Livestock. ^^ Was? I believe there is still livestock, and CROPS, such as corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. Just to name a few.