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What is the major religion for African Americans?

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The major religion for black people in America is not tribal. "Tribal" isn't a religion.

I'm black and most of us are Baptists, Methodists or Muslim.

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What religion are African-Americans?

Do you really think that all African Americans are of the same religion! If you do, you are basing that belief on...

What was the religion for the African Americans in the 1300s?

There were no African Americans prior to about 1550.

What is the religion of most African-Americans?

Most of African- Americans are baptist i believe. I am afican american and i am apostolic.

When were African Americans allowed to play in the MLB?

when were african americans allowed to play in major league baseball

When were the major periods of immigration for African-Americans?

The major periods of immigration for African Americans to America occurred when they were transported here as slaves. These periods include the fifteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries.

What major ethnic groups were in Colonial Maryland?

Native Americans, European Americans and African Americans.

What is the major religion of Central Americans?

Roman Catholic

What has the author Carl F Ellis written?

Carl F. Ellis has written: 'Beyond liberation' -- subject(s): Religion, African Americans 'Free at last?' -- subject(s): African Americans, Religion

What has the author Stacy C Boyd written?

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What is a African religion?

There is no one African religion. Different tribes in Africa are accustomed to different religious activities. The three major religions in Africa are Christianity, Islamism and Traditional religion.

How did many major cities change in the 1950s?

some major cities that change in the 1950s were the African-Americans, Lations, and the Native Americans.

What played a major role in denying African Americans their civil rights?

southern whites used a variety of technique to stop african americans from voting

What is the percentage of Americans that practice a religion?

The Percent of African American that Practice Religon is 78%

How did African culture and religion help enslaved African Americans endure the hardships of plantation life?

African culture and religion helped enslaved African Americans endure hardships of plantation life by giving them something to have faith in. Africans are known for their deep roots in spirituality, and this gave African American slaves confidence that things would eventually look up for them.

What is the major religion in N Africa?

All the North African nations are Islamic.

What major religion spread through ancient west African kingdoms?


How many African Americans are playing in major league baseball in the US?

Commission Bud Selig reports that MLB has approximately 12% African Americans in the majors at this time.

What was the development of the colonies in terms of demography race religion and economy?

All of the colonies had agricultural economies, although shipping was also important in some of them. Much of their population was of English descent, although African-Americans and Native Americans were other major groups.

Which major African religion came to the U.S. through the slave trade?


Did Jazz form from Native Americans or African-Americans?

african americans

What role has religion played in the social history of African Americans?

There is no relogion but christiany! And all of african americans were heretics before the european explorors liberated them from their puny minds. However blacks are still stoopid

What has the author Big Mama written?

Big Mama. has written: 'Them Gospel Songs' -- subject(s): African Americans, English Hymns, Music, Religion 'When we were colored' -- subject(s): African Americans, Poetry

How did the transition from slavery to freedom impact religion for African Americans?

They all turned gay and got AIDS.

John Quincy Adams major accomplishments?

he helped end slavery in african americans

What major league baseball team has the most African Americans on the 2011 roster?