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Stevens model 82 by the J Stevens arms co. made between 1935-1939.

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Q: What is the manufacture date of Stevens model 82?
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What is the probable age and value of a springfield model 82 manufactured by j stevens arms co with the number 18 in a circle imprinted on the barrel?

The stevens model 82 was made by stevens between 1936-1937.there was a total production of 35,500 guns made during that time span.

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What is the age of Stevens model 87a Stevens 87 a?

I found the J.Stevens model 87A 22 semi auto rifle to be approximately 82 years old hope this helps -------Vandy

What is the year of manufacture for glenfield model 30a serial nomber 18023045?

subtract 18 from 100=82. 1982

What is the year of manufacture for a Smith and Wesson model 19-4 serial number 24901?

77-82. what you listed is not the serial number.

What is the age of a 22 S-L-LR J Stevens Co Springfield Model 82?

According to other internet sources, the J Stevens company made the Model 82 from 1935 to 1939 only. My sample is amazingly accurate with Eley Match .22 long rifle ammunition. It only weighs 4-1/2 lbs and just feels right in the hands. - CW

What does the 82 represent in a Model 1915 Favourite 82-Long?

Possible misread of 32 Long. There is no 82 caliber firearm.

How much is a Springfield model 83 worth?

I'll assume it's a Springfield by the J Stevens Arms Co. and tell you my guide book says $90 in good condition to $172 in top condition. Made from 1935-1939. I have a model 82 and wouldn't consider selling it for that though.

Where can you find parts for a j Stevens arms co model 82 springfield rifle?

Try these sources: Numerich Jack First Bob's Gun Shop

When is ahmad givens birth date?


What is the age value of a springfield 22 cal model 82 rifle by J Stevens arms company Chicopee falls Mass?

according to 2007 Gun Trader's Guide, they were made from 1935 to 1939. Value from $95 in good cond. to $143 NIB...Russ

What is manufacture date of a Colt 38 Special Official Police with a serial number beginning with 82?

Anywhere between 1952 & 1953 depending on the rest of the serial numbers.In 1953 the serial numbers started with 825300.

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i got a bike that has the same code and my says its a 82

How much is a Winchester model 82 made in October 14 1884 worth?

Are you sure about the model number? I don't believe there is such an item.

How old is your Winchester Model 82 25-20?

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

What years where smith Wesson model 29-3 made?

82 through 86

Is it safe to fire modern ammo in a J Stevens Arms and Tool Co 12 gauge single barrel marked Electro Steel Choke Bore and possible serial CK 82 but no patent or model number?

Possibly. Have a gunsmith check the headspace and the hinge pin.

What date was eighty two days ago?

January 29 - 82 days = November 8.

Where in Brisbane Australia do you get a Winchester mod 82.32wcf rifle made on 14 october 1884?

I would like to start with the fact that Winchester never made a model 82 rifle,or shotgun for that matter.I would also like to say that Winchester was producing the model 1873 rifle,and the Winchester model 1876 model rifle during the date of 14 October,1884.The model 1866 was also produced at this time in history.All 3 model of rifles were not chambered in 32WCF during this time.The only rifle chambered in 32.20 was the Winchester model 1873 carbine third model.this carbine was not chambered in 32-20 Winchester until after the date you listed.Could you be talking about a Winchester model 92(1892) rifle?The only problem with this is the Winchester model 1892 rifle was not produced until 1892,8 years after the date you mention.Please check your facts and dates for accuracy and repost your Question.

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