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During Usain Bolt's World record 100m sprint at the 2009 Athletic Championships in Berlin, Usain covered 20m between the 60th and 80th meter in just 1.61 seconds. This is about 44.7km/h or about 27.8 mph.

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Well, falling out of an airplane, humans can reach 120 mph and more. Running wise, world record 100 m sprinters can go about 23 mph. I'm sure they could go faster if they were being chased by a bear, but I don't think they allow bears onto Olympic trackfields.

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Q: What is the maximum speed of a human being?
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Usain Bolt holds the world record for the 100m sprint. He did this in 9.69 seconds, which gives an average speed of 23.08mph (10.32m/s). As this is an average speed the maximum speed will be a bit higher than this. so to answer your question the maximum speed of a human is about 25mph

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