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What is the mean of jdm?

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It actually means Japanese Domestic. japanese domestic market

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What does Jdm mean in text?

Jdm means Japanese Domestic Market.

What does jdm mean on a integra?

JDM refers to Japanese Domestic Market. A "JDM" integra directly refers to an integra directly imported from Japan, this being true only if the car is right hand drive. Otherwise, it's referred to as JDM if it has modifications resembling those in Japan. This mainly includes OEM accessories straight from Japan, however replicas are often used.

Where can one find pictures of a JDM Civic?

Picture of a JDM Civic can be found online in the picture galleries of Google and Yahoo. Pictures of a JDM Civic can also be found in JDM Civic forums and car show reports.

How do you determine jdm spec?

To tell if your motor is a JDM or not, look on the block, kinda deep in there, and there will be a little square, and for instance, there are H22's and H23A;s, but there will be that and a series of numbers along with it, if that series or numbers isn't with it, its a JDM. My prelude is H23A then 1387979798 w/e, if the numbers arent there, its JDM.

Where can I find more information on JDM engines?

Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) engines are made in Japan ,constructed to Japanese regulations ( The following sites sells JDM engines in North America, imported from Japan: and

What does jdm hoe means?

JDM "Japanese Domestic Market" more commonly known as HONDAS NISSAN MITSUBISHI and Japanese Tuner vehicle. JDM HOE being a girl involved with or enjoys tuner vehicles.

What car did the B16A4 go in?

B16A-90-91 civic SIR- JDM B16A-90-91 civic SIR2- JDM B16A-88-91 civic SIR hatch back- JDM B16A-88-91 crx SIR- JDM B16A-90-93 integra xsi- JDM B16A-90-93 integra rsi- JDM B16A-96-00 civic SIR- JDM B16A-96-00 civic SIR2- JDM B16A-92-97 del sol SIR- JDM B16A-88-91 civic vti- EDM B16A-88-91 crx 1.6i- EDM B16A-92-95 civic SIR-JDM B16A-92-95 civic ferio si- JDM B16A-92-95 civic ferio si2- JDM B16A-92-95 civic ferio sir- JDM B16A-92-95 civic ferio sir2- JDM B16A-92-95 civic ferio rtsi 4wd- JDM B16A2-99-00 civic si- USDM B16A3-94-97 delsol vti-t- EDM B16A3-94-97 delsol vtec- USDM B16A4-96-00 civic vti-EDM B16B-98-00 civic type r- JDM B17A1-92-93 integra GSR- USDM B18A1-90-93 integra rs ls gs- USDM B18B-92-96 domani sig- JDM B18B-94-95 integra esi- JDM B18B-96-00 orthia gx- JDM B18B-96-00 orthia gsx- JDM B18B1-94-01 integra rs ls- USDM B18C-96-97 integra sir g- JDM B18C-94-95 integra si vtec- JDM B18C-96-00 integratype r- JDM B18C1-94-01 integra gsr- USDM B18C3-1996 integra type r- EDM B18C4-94-95 integra gsr- EDM B18C5-97-01 integra type r- USDM B18C6-98-01 integrea type r- EDM B20B-96-00 crv- JDM B20B-96-98 crv- USDM B20B4-96-00 crv- EDM B20Z-99-00 crv- USDM D15B-92-95 civic vti- JDM D15B-92-97 delsol- JDM D15B-96-00 civic coupe- JDM D16A1-86-87 integra- USDM D16A3-88-89 integra- USDM D16A8-90-91 integra ls rs- EDM D16Y8-96-00 civic ex- USDM D16Z6-92-95 civic & delsol ex/si- USDM F20A-90-93 accord si- JDM F20B-98-02 accord sir t- JDM F22B-92-96 prelude si- JDM F22B-97-01 prelude sir- JDM H22A-94-97 accord sir- JDM H22A-92-96 prelude si vtec- JDM H22A-97-01 prelude sir- JDM H22A-97-01 prelude s spec- JDM H22A-97-01 prelude type r- JDM H22A1-93-96 prelude si vtec-USDM H22A2-92-96 prelude 2.2i- EDM H22A4-97-01 prelude sh- USDM H22A7-98-02 accord type r- EDM H23A1-92-96 prelude si- USDM H23A2-92-96 accord2.3i- EDM K20A-02-03 rsx- JDM K20A2-02-03 rsx s- USDM K20A3-02-03 rsx s/type r- JDM K20C-02-03 rsx s/civic type r- JDM

What is a JDM engine?

''Just Did it Myself''

What is the fastest jdm car?


How do you determine if a Honda b18c5 is truly jdm and not usdm?

A JDM motor is a B18C with no numbers at the end and a B18C5 is a USDM type R

Can you put any jdm engine on a 89 Toyota supra?

by on i assume u mean on top of your supra so yes

What is does JDM mean?

Japanese Domestic Market - Cars Made for sale in Japan (meets japans governmental regulations) Basically, a car you can buy in Japan at a new car dealership is a current JDM car. Biggest Recognizable feature of a JDM car to people in the US, is that it is Right Hand Drive JDM Converted cars are usually USDM Cars that customers change or modify their cars to resemble their Japanese counterparts, sometimes this includes a Right Hand Drive Conversion, and Engine, both which can be gained by buying a JDM "Half Cut" USDM: United States Domestic Market (Cars sold in the US)

Does Canada have jdm or usdm cars?

yes they do.

What is 8 ninths of 45?


what is Jdm associates Do these sites have nursing jobs acailable?

JDM Associates a firm which specializes in environmental/energy consultation.No this firm does not offer Nurse as a career option

What is the best Mitsubishi jdm motor?

Lancer Evolution

Are Mitsubishi's jdm?

JDM cars are cars that were designed for the Japanese market. Mitsubishi sells cars that are both sold in America and Japan. Cars such as the EVO III are Japanese exclusive.

Where can I buy Honda JDM parts?

There are many places where you can buy Honda JDM parts. First you could try finding a wholesale automobile parts supplier that sells Honda parts. You could also try to locate the parts on eBay or other websites including and

How do you spell jdm in Japanese?

you can not spell random letters in Japanese

Where can reviews of a Civic JDM be found?

You can find reviews of JDM Honda parts online at websites such as Import Tuner and Jalopnik. You can order the parts yourself after you have reviewed them online at the JHPUSA website.

What is jdm?

JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market. It is usually a term for car tuners who increase performance in their cars using after market performance parts much like the scene in domestic Japan.

What motor swaps are there for Mazda mx-6?

klze, k8ze. check wikipedia and jdm motors jdm motors is the name of Japanese motor retailers in the states and Canada they ship anywhere

Where can one purchase a JDM Integra?

In order to purchase a JDM Integra you will need to search local second-hand car dealerships and auto magazines. These cars are also occasionally sold on eBay.

What is the horsepower in a JDM H22A engine?

The horsepower in a Honda JDM H22A engine is between 185 and 220. This is the type of engine used in Honda cars that is often used in popular street racing.

What is the study of sign language called?

the answer's letter A..dactylology.-jdm

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