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Letter of Credit payment

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Q: What is the meaning of LC payment?
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What is the meaning of lc?

Letter of Credit payment

What is the meaning of LC in accounting?

LC Means letter of Credit. It is a negotiable instrument to make payment through bankers of both parties, i.e. Payer & Payee

What is LC DA DP TT payment options?

LC = Payment thru Letter of Credit DA = Payment against acceptance DP = Payment against receipt of document TT = Telegraphic transfer

Difference between Export LC and import lc?

An import LC is one made with reference to the buyer but with an export LC, the LC is changed to that with reference to the Issuing bank. This gives a stronger guarantee of payment to the seller.

What is the meaning of Payment will be effected provided the stipulated documents are presented and terms and conditions of the LC are complied with?

It means the bank will release your money after they approve your document presentation and get approval from the applicant of the letter of credit. If all documents are included and comply with the instructions of the LC, payment can be released according to the payment schedule (i.e. "Draft at 30 days after ship date").

Is the drawee banker require the acceptance of applicant for payment of sight LC?


What is the difference between usance and deferred payment LC?

No difference as both are alternate names of each other

What is negotiation of documents under LC under reserve?

The documents presented under a documentary credit are scrutinized as per the International standards of scrutiny and negotiated if they strictly comply with the LC terms. This is called a clean negotiation. On the other hand if the documents do not comply with the LC terms and discrepancies are found, the negotiating bank may still opt to give value under the LC by paying or incurring a deferred payment obligation as per LC provided the beneficiary undertakes to indemnify the negotiating bank in the event of rejection by the LC opening Bank. This is technically called a payment under reserve. The Reserve will be lifted on acceptance of discrepancies by the LC opening Bank.

What is the meaning of payment voucher?

payment voucher

What is the difference between restricted LC and confirmed LC?

A confirmed letter of credit is one where the exporter's bank asks for additional guarantee from another bank of its choice that if the buyer's bank is unable to honour it's obligations then the confirming bank will make the payment on the behalf of the buyer's bank. Here, the confirming bank may be in the same country as the exporter or a well reputed international bank.A restricted letter of credit is one in which the negotiation can only be done by the bank which is chosen by the bank issuing the LC. Authorization from the issuing bank to pay the beneficiary is restricted to a specific nominated bank. Meaning is that negotiating bank is only the bank which is nominated and no other bank is authorized to do the valuation of the LC other than the nominated bank. Thus, whereas the confirmed LC is one which requires authentication of payment of negotiated value(value arrived at by the negotiating bank) by the confirming bank( the respective trade documents along with the LC will pass from negotiating bank to confirming bank so that it can take note of the quantum of guarantee), the restricted LC only requires the valuation to be done by a specifically nominated negotiating bank. Here, in case of restricted LC, there is no guarantee involved from another bank as such to the exporter's bank that payment will be made. That guarantee can be there only when the LC is confirmed.Also, restricted LC is mainly focused on valuation of the LC, whereas confirmed LC is focused on additional payment guarantee from a bank of repute.I guess that should be the difference

What are the payment terms L C or PDC or CDC?

LC - letter of credit PDC - post dated cheque CDC - current dated cheque

Is the meaning of undrawn amount of LC and unpaid document value is same?

No the undrawn amount is the amount which is not called for payment in the documents, the unpaid document value is caled for but that part of the documentaton is not according to the letter of credit reuirements

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