What is the meaning of SHS in steel sections?

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Its a Square hollow section its a regual beam that is hollow.. in other words a metal tube beam.
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What does sectionalism mean?

to be helpful. no it doesnt mean to be helpful...it means to have pride in one's region.

Meaning of section 17?

Section 17 refers to the doctors that the Secretary of State hasapproved that have special knowledge about mental health. Thesedoctors have to be part of the evaluations under the Mental HealthAct of 1983.

Abs class notation sh shcm e what does it mean?

SafeHull Construction Monitoring (SHCM) - This notation is assigned to vessels that have been found in compliance with Part 5C, Appendix 1, "Guide for SafeHull Construction Monitoring Program" of the ABS Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels. This notation is required for Oil or Fuel Oil Car ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by alloy steel?

steel is an alloy mostly of iron and carbon. An alloy steel refers to the steel that is characterized by theaddition of other elements like carbon to pure steel.

What is the difference between built-up steel sections and rolled steel sections?

Built up steel sections are comprised of other smaller members. This could be 3 plates welded together to form an I-shape or 2 angles bolted back to back to make a double angle shape. Compare this to rolled sections, which are formed (called rolled) into the shape directly. Therefore, it was one wh ( Full Answer )

TMT steel bar means what?

Thermo mechanically treated steel also known as TMT steel can be described as anew-generation-high-strength steel having superior properties suchas weldability, strength, ductility and bendability meeting highestquality standards at international level. Under thermo mechanicaltreatment of bars, th ( Full Answer )

What is the plastic section modulus of steel section?

section modulus of any section is the ratio of the moment of inertia to the distance of extreem fibre from the neutral axis. plastic section modulus is the section modulus when the cross section is subjected to loading such that the whole section is under yield load. numerically it is equal to the p ( Full Answer )

What does cross section mean?

CROSS SECTION Pronunciation (US): Dictionary entry overview: What does cross section mean? • CROSS SECTION (noun) The noun CROSS SECTION has 3 senses: 1. a section created by a plane cutting a solid perpendicular to its longest axis 2. a sample meant to be representative of a whole ( Full Answer )

What does section 3 and section 4 of the 25th amendment mean?

Section 3 means A president can temporarily transfer the power of being president to the vice president, without leaving the post of president. Section 4 means the president can be removed from duties if voted unable to perform them.

What does SH mean on Howrse?

SH on howrse means safe haven Safe Haven is where you send horses: The Safe Haven is a refuge for all the horses you no longer want or can't sell in the auctions or private sales. It currently has 538949 horses. Be aware that once you send your horse to the safe haven it is not undo-able! I would ( Full Answer )

What is the scientific meaning of section?

A section is like the piece or part of a machine or other object. Like the section of your bike and the section of an orange. there are two types of section.longitudinal and transverse.

What does SH mean on a Honda Prelude?

According to edmunds.com, "The main difference between the basemodel and the Type SH was the addition of Honda's Active TorqueTransfer System, an electronic system that distributed torque tothe outside drive wheel in cornering situations. Its purpose was tominimize understeer and thus mimic rear-whe ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of entertainment section of the newspaper?

Entertainment Section -this section contains information about movies, radio, television, and other activities for entertainment. it also includes games and puzzles, comic strips and cartoons, and the daily horoscope.

How do you calculate weight of mild steel when sectional area given?

Calculate the volume first by multiplying the cross sectional area with length. Multiply the volume with density of mild steel which will give the weight. The density of Mild steel is 7850 kg/ m3 e.g Calculate the weight of 2 m rod having cross sectional area of 5 m2 Volume = 2x5 = 10 m3 Weigh ( Full Answer )

What does steel mean?

Steel refers to a strong, hard alloy of iron and carbon that ismainly used as a fabricating and structural material. It alsorefers to preparation that a person undergoes if he is anticipatinga difficult situation.

In hockey what does SH mean?

Short Handed. Usually used to track a team's goals that are scored when they have one (or more) of their players in the penalty box.

What does SH mean in field hockey?

It means nothing in field hockey. The nearest thing to 'SH' is RH, a shorthand for the position of right-half. I think it means short handed goal

What is the maximum overlap of steel rods in reinforced concrete sections?

Steel reinforcing rods have minimum overlap requirements to ensure that the reinforcing has a continuous effect throughout the structure. In some instances this minimum overlap is 600mm, but the requirement does vary and must be confirmed by an Engineer for each particular design. Maximum overlaps ( Full Answer )

Does mallet mean steel hammers?

no, mallets are usually rubber or wood and look like a small sledgehammer, they are used to hit thinks with out marking them in mostcases

What do you mean by quenching of steel?

quenching is rapid cooling of steel to be heat treated, there are basically four types of quenching: 1- by water. 2- by oil. 3- by air. 4- by furnace. water oil air furnace tensile stress 175*10 4 112*10 4 88*10 4 52*10 4 (N/mm 2 )

What does cross-section mean?

When a 3-dimensional (solid) object is cut by a plane, the 2-dimensional shape made where the solid object and the plane meet is the cross section.

What do the letters SH mean on gold jewelry?

If this is the first two letters of the Hallmark these identifie the 'Maker'. SH i believe is Samuel Hill. That will be followed by the 'Crown' of british recognition. Then the Carat 750... is 18ct or 750 parts gold per 1000 ie. 75% pure gold. The final letter is the date letter... Of which there ar ( Full Answer )

Meaning of heart made of steel?

It could mean: . Someone with strong devotion or dedication . OR someone who, perhaps to the point of seeming cold and callous, has a logical and pragmatic approach to philosophy or life issues

What is the meaning of business section?

It contains business profiles and news reports about the state ofcommerce. You can often find reports about new inventions,innovation, and advances in technology. Stock reports appear in thebusiness section. It will include statistics and profiles of peoplewho have made an impact on the economy.

What is meaning of UC and UB in steel section codes?

Universal Columns (UC) and Universal Beams (UB) are refered to as"I Sections" or "H Sections". The differenciation in UB and UC liesin their Depth to With ratio. The depth of UB is greater than itswidth and difference is quite big, making it easy to spot. Unlike auniversal beam, the UC's width is ro ( Full Answer )

What does sect as in section mean?

the latin root sect means to cut . that section in the book is confusing.that part of the book is confusing.

What does H9 in Stainless steel mean?

H value is the size tolerance. Lower value has tigher tolerances. IZE TOLERANCE OF ISO SPECIFICATION. Dia. Or Distance Across(mm). Tolerance Precision. h6. h7. h8. h9. h10. h11. 3Max. 0 -0.006. 0 -0.010. 0 -0.014. 0 -0.025. 0 -0.040. 0 -0.060. 3--6. 0 -0.008. 0 -0.012. 0 -0.0 ( Full Answer )

Area of cross-section mean?

A "cross section" is what occurs when you "slice" a given shape in a particular way, so that you can visualise the shape in two parts (with 2 new faces). The cross section is the surface (face) of the side which you have just sliced. E.g If you imagine a cone, with the circular base resting on a ( Full Answer )

What does steel billets 3sp means?

3sp is a russian standard grade for kind of steel with 0.14-0.22 carbon 0.15-0.30 si 0.45-0.60 mn max 0.3 cr

What is the meaning of sport section of the newspaper?

It means...this is the section that talks about sports. Forexample: Barcelona VS. Real Madrid...2-0, they tell you all aboutthat game or something. They could also talk about how high sportsclothes are getting.

What does the medical abbreviation SH mean?

SH stands for social history in a medical history. The social history may include sexual history, smoking and alcohol use, occupation and hobbies, living situation, etc.

What does a SH mean on a gold chain?

It is most likely a "Makers-mark". It is a mark put on the chain to show who made the piece of jewelry. It will have a 10k 14k or 18k beside it if it is gold.

What is the meaning of section 8 housing?

Section 8 Housing is a low-income housing program provided for families that are in need of housing and cannot afford it on ones own income. If an ad says that they accept Section 8 Housing, it means they are in acceptance of this government program, in which the program pays the most part of the re ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate cross sectional area for steel bars?

Measure the diameter = d cm. Then radius = d/2 cm and cross sectional area = pi*r 2 cm 2 . Measure the diameter = d cm. Then radius = d/2 cm and cross sectional area = pi*r 2 cm 2 . Measure the diameter = d cm. Then radius = d/2 cm and cross sectional area = pi*r 2 cm 2 . Measure the diameter ( Full Answer )

What is the correct meaning of structural steel?

The meaning of the term structural steel lies in it usage. Structural steel, a construction material. Is made with a shape or cross section specific to its usage. There are many different shapes but they are all structural steel.

What is the meaning of brass section?

The brass sections of orchestras and concert bands consist of brass instruments, and is one of the main sections of both ensembles. The brass instruments commonly used are include: . Horns . Trumpets and/or cornets . Trombones . Bass trombone . Euphoniums and/or baritone horns . Tubas

What is meaning of SHS?

SHS is an acronym with many meanings. Its largest meanings are"State Highway System", "Shellscrap File", and "State HistoricSite". Do an internet search for more meanings.

What is the meaning of business section of the newspaper?

For centuries, readers of newspapers have been interested in what is going on in the business community. The business section tells us more about the economy of a country, about financial transactions that can affect the job market, about what is happening with the stock market, which executives a ( Full Answer )

What does SH in baseball mean?

SH in baseball stands for "Sacrifice Hit" - also known as aSacrifice Bunt. It is when a batter comes up with a runner or two on base and lessthan two outs, and intentionally bunts the ball in a way that thefielders have to get him out- which allows the other runners tomove up a base or even score. ( Full Answer )

What are the different sections of a library and their meanings?

Non-fiction section is dedicated to adult books which containfactual information, such as biographies, science books, cookbooks, how-to books, manuals, and more. The fiction sections forthe different ages (adult, young adult, and children/juvenile)contain books written by authors for entertainment a ( Full Answer )