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What is the meaning of a snake tattoo?

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Its to bring Voldemort in Harry Potter :')

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Snake and dagger tattoo?

What is the true meaning of snake twisted around dagger tattoo?

Is there a meaning to a dagger snake and rose tattoo?

it symbolises temptation, .. vices..

Who has a snake tattoo on the lying game?

Thayer has the snake tattoo

Is there a meaning to a dagger and snake tattoo or just a dagger?

a snake and dagger mean that your a fighter and a good one....agility. no, lol, the snake wrapped around a dagger is a very ancient symbol

Where can one find pictures of snake tattoos?

Snake tattoos are actually a popular tattoo to have. Pictures can be found at the tattoo shops, which will probably show many variations of this type of tattoo.

What does a pegasus tattoo mean?

When people get a tattoo, there is often meaning and remberance attached to the tattoo. The meaning of a pegasus tattoo is that of loyalty.

Does Bridgit Mendler have a tattoo?

Bridgit Mendler does have a tattoo of a red and green snake on her arm.

Does Bridget mindler have a tattoo?

Sadly, she does have a tattoo. It's a red and green snake on her arm. ):

Meaning of Japanese snake tattoo . and history?

This may help a bit...your question is a little vague.

What does the snake dagger tattoo symbolize?

The snake and dagger tattoo typically symbolizes wisdom and or power. A dagger with a swallow is usually meant to represent good luck.

What is the meaning of a diamond tattoo under the eye?

The meaning of a tattoo on a person's body could have a meaning that only the person that has the tattoo knows. In Russian prisons the tattoo of a diamond under the eye is applied by force. The meaning is that the person is an informant.

Does a snake tattoo symbolize a certain sexual orientation?


What does a snake and a rose tattoo mean?

It means you are an assassin.

What kind of tattoo does mr sir has?


What does a skull and snake tatto mean?

it means you got a snake and skull tattoo, what did you think it meant?

What is the meaning of a lion and snake tattoo?

It can mean different things from a latin kings gang symbol or even represent the lion of judah taking on the snake which represents evil spirits. So what ever you take it as it what it means to you.

What is the meaning of a wand tattoo?

'Wand tattoo' is German and means wall tattoo.

What does a cross tattoo on the forehead symbolize i know its a British skinhead tattoo but what does it represent what is its meaning?

Crucified by society (smaller version of the skinhead on the cross tattoo), Jailhouse tattoo, Homemade tattoo - are normally the meaning it.

What is the meaning of sea turtle tattoo?

The meaning of a turtle tattoo is to represent long life and positivity.

Meaning of star tattoo?

there is no meaning necessarily

What tattoo does Daniel Johns have on his left forearm?

it's a snake!!!

What does a skull and snake tattoo mean?

It is Russian prison tattoo. It means thief in law, highest ranking criminal.

What does a snake with flames tattoo mean?

A Snake with flames tattoo possibly represents Chinese Astrology. People with these tattoos were probably born in the year of the Snake and adding the combination of their personal element such as metal, earth, water and in this case fire, these tattoos can have a deep and profound meaning to the individual... or else the person just likes snakes and thought it looked badass with flames coming out of it's mouth..?

What is that tattoo on Draco's arm I know its a snake but why is it there and how did he get it?

That Tattoo on his arm is a death-eater mark the tattoo means he's working for voldemort He got it when voldemort employed him

What does a scorpion tattoo on the hand mean?

There is no official meaning for a scorpion tattoo on the hand. This tattoo may hold a significant meaning for its owner because he or she likes scorpions or the tattoo was inked alongside a friend's.

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