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A deformity is a disfigurement.

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Q: What is the meaning of deformity?
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The term meaning to correct a bone deformity?

Osteotomy is the correcting of a bone deformity by cutting the bone.

What is the medical term meaning silver fork deformity?

It's suggestive of a Colles fracture

What is equinus deformity?

It is a foot deformity.

What is the plural for deformity?

The plural of deformity is deformities

What is the medical term meaning surgical division of a tendon for a relief of deformity caused by abnormal shortening of a muscle?


What disability did Bree walker have?

she had a deformity of the hands and feet or deformity of bones and limbs

Are dimples a facial deformity?

dimples are actually a deformity its not a gene you can get from someone in your family

Is there a deformity when front lower ribs protrude?

Yes, there is a deformity when the front lower ribs protrude. This is commonly called pigeon chest. However, it is not a serious deformity.

Can a deformed fish breed?

That would depend upon the species of fish and the level and type of deformity. If the deformity is genetic then the fish should not be bred. If the deformity is caused by environmental factors, then it could be bred, provided its deformity allows it to do so.

What word means stunted as a result to deformity?

looking for a word that means stunted as a result of deformity

Can a Mutation can be called a Deformity?

A mutation can be called a deformity, because a mutation is passed on, it is like a gene being passed down the pedigree, and in the pedigree there can be a deformity that will be passed on to the next generation. :.

What is a valois deformity?


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