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The exposition of a story includes information on the setting, characters, and previous events.

The term exposition has also acquired a modern use as an exhibition of new or innovative developments in technology and industry.
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What is an analytical exposition?

Analytical exposition . An exposition is a rhetorical discourse that provides information about or an explanation of difficult material. An analytical one interprets subtle meanings, imagery, allegories, or other symbolism in a literary or artistic work.

What is an exposition?

An exposition or argument presents the writer's point of view on an issue. Expositions can be essays, letters to the editor, speeches or blogs. An exposition is a piece of writing explaining the argument. You choose whether to go for or against the question or statement made.

What is an example of exposition?

It is the part of literature that introduces the character(s). Bob is tall and wants a cheeseburger.

What is literary exposition?

An exposition is a peace of writing that explains or argues your point. Expositions are mostly used to state someones points in parts or paragraphs.

Exposition of a process?

a sequence of operations or actions by w/c something is done or made also called narrative exposition.

What are the exposition on hoodwinked?

The exposition is the begining of a story. The exposition should introduce the characters and their problem. In Hoodwinked, Little Red, and other characters are introduced and the fight over who was guilty was also brought to attention.

What is a hortatory exposition?

Hortatory is type of writing or text that provides reasons andarguments to persuade one to support the opinion.

What is exposition of a story?

The exposition of a story is the background, or "backstory"--what you need to know about the characters' past in order to understand why they behave the way they do in the story as it unfolds. Flashbacks-- memories of events from a character's past--are often used for exposition.

What is a biblical exposition?

An 'exposition' is an attempt to express the meaning and purpose of a given writing or text to convey information and explain that which is difficult to understand. In this case, the Bible.

What is the exposition of Hoot?

The exposition of "Hoot" involves Roy Eberhardt, a small boy movingto Coconut, Grove, FL. Down there he decides to take onconstruction plans on a piece of land to defend the habitat of someburrowing owls.

What is the exposition of The Outsiders?

If you were to write about it you could start it off something like this- "The Greasers and the Socs have a history of being enemies, poor and rich, smart and not smart. The total opposites. The Curtis boys' parents have died in an accident and it's up to them to survive not only by getting food an ( Full Answer )

What is the exposition in The Outsiders?

An Exposition is The Setting and Characters in a Novel. The setting in The Outsiders takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the early to mid 1960's The Main Characters are Ponyboy Cutis, Johnny Cade, Dallas Winston, Sodapop Curtis, Darrel Curtis, and Cherry Valence. The Minor characters would be Tw ( Full Answer )

What is a plot exposition?

Exposition is to provide some background information to inform the readers about the plot, theme, etc. The exposition of a plot is like the flashback of what happened before.When you are writing a story it is starting at the middle and then looking back on what happened before and then move ( Full Answer )

Exposition in a sentence?

The exposition is going to have a good turn out this year sincethere will be bands. That is a good sentence since the word is usedto describe a large public event.

What is explanatory exposition?

An expository writing explains something in great detail. Afterreading an expository, the reader should have learned something newabout the topic.

Exposition of The Outsiders?

"The Outsiders" is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1960's. Thecharacters are involved in a class conflict between two streetgangs. The lower class Greasers and the wealthy Socs. In the centerof the conflict is Ponyboy, a young man trying to find his place inthe world.

What is the exposition of twilight?

the exposition is when they are at the baseball feild and the nomads come The begining (expostition) of Twilight is when Bella swan moves away from Renee (her mom) in an attempt to make her mother and her new husband (Bella's step dad) Phil and his job more flexable. The first chapter starts out wit ( Full Answer )

What is the exposition of 'Antigone'?

It is the prologue that is the exposition in "Antigone" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.). Specifically, exposition describes an explanation of intent or purpose. The description fits the opening interaction between the sister Princesses Antigone and Ismene. Antigone gives the audience info ( Full Answer )

What is exposition in plot?

The part of the story that introduces important backgroundinformation about things that include the back story of acharacter, the setting, or things that happened before is theexposition in the plot. It gives you information that took placebefore the main plot and can be done in various ways that in ( Full Answer )

The exposition of twilight?

The Exposition would be when Bella is first moving into Forks, and when she mainly describes the settings of Twilight - like her house, the town, the school. Then, once the settings and some of the characters are figured out - we move on to the Rising Action parts.

What is the exposition in The Odyssey?

The Odyssey takes place during the Bronze Age (approximately twelfth century b.c.e.) and covers the 10 years after the fall of Troy. Odysseus's wanderings cover the Aegean and surrounding seas and eventually end in Ithaca, in northwestern Greece; Telemachus travels from Ithaca to southern Greece.

What is the structure in an exposition?

The structure of an exposition : purpose: to put forth an argument or particular point of view structure: 1. point of view is stated (thesis) 2.justifications of an argment in a logical order 3. summary of argument

What is the exposition of eclipse?

Eclipse was the third novel in The Twilight Saga, and involvedEdward and Jacob fighting over Bella. Meanwhile, the vampires andwerewolves of Forks, Washington banded together to fight off anarmy of newborn vampires. In the end, Bella decides to marryEdward, and Jacob is heartbroken.

What is the exposition of The Pearl?

In the story "The Pearl", the opening is the exposition of thestory. It begins describing the setting, characters, and theproblem that sets the story off.

What is exposition of the story?

In the most general sense exposition is all the explaining. Usually when we talk of exposition we are refering to excessive exposition - the author doing to much to explain the setting or character back story or cultural complexities that are involved in his story. Some exposition is necessary an ( Full Answer )

What is a courtroom exposition?

I think you need to find an argument someone in a courtroom mightmake. It's unfortunate that your teacher did not explain it better.

How do you start an exposition?

Well sometimes i still ask myself that same question,you could start of like asking a question or telling a fact :D

What does exposition mean in the plot elements?

In a plot, the exposition part is when the setting and characters are introduced either directly or indirectly. It is direct when the names and personalities of each character is stated and it is indirect when it is only implied.

What is exposition of the witch?

I am not completely clear on what you are asking in this question but I will try to provide an answer as best as I can. Depending on the definition of exposition this phrase can be taken many ways. The first definition is "a comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory." So this co ( Full Answer )

What is the exposition for The Hobbit?

The narrator explains who hobbits are and Bilbo's ancestry. Narrator gives the background on Gandalf, a wizard, who comes to visit Bilbo.

What is the exposition of 'stray'?

I think you mean what is the disposition af a stray.The disposition of a stray differs. Strays are usually skiddish and scared. Alot of strays have been abandond by their owners.Strays are sometimes good pets when they are shown they not everyone is crewl.

What is Exposition and complication?

The exposition of a story is where the setting and characters areintroduced. The complication of a story is where the characterfaces problems they have to resolve.

What is the exposition of misery?

The exposition of "Misery" as far as the film is concerned is the information needed by the audience to comprehend the forward action of the film. Personally, I feel that the film's exposition is shared in a seamless fashion that. That is to say, characters share information with each other that is ( Full Answer )

What was the Paris exposition?

The world's fair of Paris are the creations and new technologies built for that specific event. More than Half the world attend this. it happens every 4 years.

How do you conclude an exposition?

An expository piece of writing is concluded by summing up all the points you have argued in the body of the essay and restating clearly your position on the matter. This shoul be in one paragraph.

What is the exposition of troy?

Trojan and spartans are having goodtimes with each others companywhen menelaus offered his wife to paris.

What rhymes with exposition?

repetition, abolition, acquisition, admonition,composition, superstition. These are just some rhyming words, see the related link for more.

How do you make a exposition?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who, as a reader, feels somewhat weary when faced with several pages of historical background, political explanations or geographical descriptions. Similarly, it can be very tedious to write such stretches of background information. Getting to that point in a novel, I s ( Full Answer )

Where is exposition in a story?

Generally in the beginning of the story, exposition refers to the establishment of the setting and characters of the piece.

What is the exposition of Macbeth?

The story told by the bloody sergeant lets the audience know who Macbeth is and what kind of man he is, and is thus a true exposition.

What is an exposition for smoking?

Firstly, smokingadvertising attracts people to smoke. They want to make you thinksmoking is everything and that you're cool if you smoke. Smokerstend to be people who get low marks because they feel bad and startsmoking once they get addicted to its chemicals after only one go.One out of five people ( Full Answer )

What ia exposition?

The word exposition is used as a noun. It is defined as adescription and explanation of a theory or an idea.

Is the definition of exposition?

A comprehensive description and explanation of an idea ortheory. . A large public exhibition of art or trade goods.