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What is the meaning of fire?

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Answer 1All consuming. Answer 2In the universal language of mind fire represents expansion.
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What is the spiritual meaning of fire?

the spirtual meaning of fire is when the fire is buring in side and you can feel it

What is the meaning of fire on board?

it is a fire on a board =P

What is the meaning of adish?


What is the prefix of volcano's meaning?


How is conflagration related to fire disaster?

"Conflagration" is a word meaning a disastrous fire.

What does fire mean in Gaelic?

'Fire' is an English word, it therefore has no meaning in Gaelic.

What is the idiomatic meaning of 'forty winks in front of the fire'?

in front of the fire

What is the meaning of riddle gifiren?

fire truck

What is the literal meaning of add more fuel to the fire?

The literal meaning is to add fuel to the fire. Fuel would be anything that would burn.

What is the meaning of the song Set Fire To The Rain?

that she dont like fire and to make it go out she puts rain on the fire

What is the meaning of the name Hakan?

Fire, or Noble

What is the Greek meaning of the word igneous?


Give you example of suffix and meaning?


Which is a Spanish word meaning fire?


What is the meaning of ablaze?

Ablaze means on fire.

What is the meaning of liton in English?

liton means in english is flame of fire/fire flame.

Who did Prometheus give the Olympians fire to?

he gave the fire to mortals meaning common people

What is the meaning of the kikuyu word muaki?

The meaning of the Kikuyu word muaki is fire in English.

What happens if you cut the wire for fire alarm Meaning the fire alarm is broken do you go to jail for it?


What is the Latin root for ignition?

Ignis, meaning 'fire'

What is a 9 letter word meaning fire?


What is the meaning of lighted splint?

it is a piece of wood for fire

What is the meaning of the word agneepath?

It means 'the path of fire'!

Meaning of fireplace?

A niche in a wall to have a warming fire.

What is the meaning of marshmallow?

The meaning of marshmallow is easy it is a marshy mallowy tasty snack over a fire