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THE LOVE OF A TATOO IS LIKE THE LOVE YOU HAVE FOR A BOYFRIEND,ONE WEEK YOU LOVE HIM AND THE NEXT WEEK YOU HATE HIM,BUT A TATOO IS THERE FOR EVER UNLIKE A BOYFRIEND. .....even though that's quite cute, it's not correct. The love/hate tattoo on your knuckles comes from the 1955 film The Night of the Hunter.Love/Hate symbolizes the struggle between Good and Evil, most memorably in the scene where Powell tells the story behind his tattooed knuckles. It has been often been mentioned, imitated, and referenced in pop culture. The lead singer of the band HURT, J. Loren Wince, has the love/hate tattoo on his knuckles. He has one upside down and one right side up so you can read them correctly as he plays guitar. If you want more infor check out to check out HURT visit

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Q: What is the meaning of love and hate tattoo?
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Meaning of love thy neighbor tattoo?

"Love Thy Neighbor" tattoos mean hate your brother before you hate your foe.

Those whom you can love you can hate to others you are indifferent meaning?

always love but not hate

Opposite meaning of love?

opposite of love is hate

Who first popularised the Love-Hate tattoo?

the 1955 film "the night of the hunter"

hate meaning definition?

the person which does not love that thing

What is the meaning of a kabuki mask tattoo?

Forbidden love

What does the tattoo hate love on knuckles mean?

It's a tattoo usually done in prison. It's usually rough and jagged. But I don't know why they do them.

What tattoo's have the meaning of true love and faithfulness?

A heart and a cross

Meaning of the love sparrow tattoo?

The sparrow tattoo means symbolize undying love, freedom , loyalty and commitment to one person. The sparrow tattoo on you are means you are bound by no rules and was often endorsed by the mafia.

Is Miami ink still in business?

Yes the tattoo shop that was featured on Miami Ink is still in business. The shop is called the Love Hate Tattoo Studio.

What is the meaning of love you enough?

i hate you forever and ever

A word meaning strong emotion?

Love or hate(:

What is the meaning of a black cross tattoo?

Well it can mean that your in love with demons

What does love and hate mean tattooed on fingers?

Normally on people who are hardnuts (normally men), prison tattoo, homemade tattoo, sometimes in shops - but normally rough people.

Is love-hate a prison tattoo?

The love/hate tattoo is usually a "home-made" tattoo. The style is reminiscent of prison tattoos but not necessarily one acquired in prison.It is a criminal and prison associated tattoo normally on hardmen yes, but not everyone with it has been in prison.It is often homemade but sometimes done in backstreet tattoos studios but sometimes done in a shop.

Brass knuckles tattoo meaning?

To love thy neighbor - joal ortiz

Meaning of knuckle duster tattoo?

Apparently it means to love thy neighbour!

What is a 4 letter word meaning the opposite of hate?


What tattoo symbolizes love of family?

A knot tattoo symbolizes love of family and family bond or unity. The infinity symbol or the rotated number eight also has the same meaning.

Whats the meaning to 'I hate everything about you' by Three Days Grace?

It's about his love/hate relationship with someone.

What does a skull inside a rose tattoo symbolize?

A skull inside of a rose tattoo does not have a specific meaning, it can vary from person to person. It does seem that many people get this tattoo as a symbol of love.

What is the meaning on wings tattoo on chest?

There are a couple of meanings for wing tattoos on the chest. They often represent God's love and religion. They can also be a memorial tattoo for somebody and represent and angel and love.

What does a pegasus tattoo mean?

When people get a tattoo, there is often meaning and remberance attached to the tattoo. The meaning of a pegasus tattoo is that of loyalty.

What does a oni mask tattoo mean?

It's basically a representation and a meaning of 'deception on love'..

What is a 143 tattoo meaning?

143 has always stood for the number of letters in the words "I Love You"