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This term speaks to the situation where tiny spaces in geologic structure (pores) are filled with a fluid, be it water or petroleum (crude oil or natural gas). The quality and the microstructure of a geologic mass, and the presence of fluids in it, will determine how seismic waves are both propagated through it and reflected by it.

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What has the author Eric Charles Dahlberg written?

Eric Charles Dahlberg has written: 'Applied hydrodynamics in petroleum exploration' -- subject(s): Fluid dynamics, Petroleum, Prospecting

What are the petrophysical parameters used in basin analysis?

porosity permeability fluid saturation

Can power steering fluid be used as brake fluid?

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What plant is used in brake fluid?

none it is petroleum based

What is dexron III?

petroleum based fluid for automatic and powershift transmissions

Is naphtha a compound?

yes, its a compound for petroleum distillates. also known as lighter fluid

What type of fluid does my Toyota take?

petroleum, water, anti-freeze, lubricating oil, various transmission oils, braking fluid. detergents

Zippo lighter fluid?

Zippo lighter fluid is commonly known a naphtha. It is composed of either a light petroleum distillate or a synthetic isoparaffinic hydrocarbon.

What is the effect of brake fluid on plants?

Typically brake fluid is a petroleum base, so one drop won't typically hurt them but if emersed it will kill them.

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Is gas is a fluid?

If by gas you mean petroleum or gasoline that you put in your car, then yes it is in liquid form.

What does FCC means in distillation?

Fluid catalytic cracking. It is a conversion process used in petroleum refineries.

What is the medical term meaning aspiration of fluid from a joint?

Arthrocentesis is the medical term meaning aspiration of fluid from a joint.

What should you do about petroleum in the brake fluid?

If you have anything other than brake fluid in the line, then the whole system has to be flushed. Use fresh brake fluid and you can blow the system with air pressure then bleed with the d.o.t. specified fluid for your model.

What are the chemical composition of correction fluid?

The chemical composition of correction fluid include titanium dioxide and naphtha. It also contains petroleum, trichloroethane, and light aliphatic.

What is the medical term meaning Excess fluid in the body tissues?

Edema is the term meaning excess fluid in the body tissues.

What is the medical term meaning breathing in fluid to your lungs?

Aspiration is the medical term meaning breathing fluid (or solids) into your lungs.

Describe the Fluid Mosaic Model of cell membrane structure?

The fluid mosaic model states that proteins float in a sea of lipids. A cell membrane is composed of lipids arranged with their hydrophobic tails touching each other, with proteins scattered throughout. The proteins may either be integral, meaning that they span the entire membrane, or peripheral, meaning they stay outside of the cell only loosely associated with the membrane. This membrane fluidity can be experimentally showed using a technique called FRAP (florescent recovery after photobleaching). Things that effect membrane fluidity include: lipid tail length - shorter tails = more fluid at low temps degree of saturation - less saturation = more fluid at lower temps Also, cholesterol tends to keep membranes at an intermediate fluidity.

What is power steering fluid made out of?

The main component of power steering fluid are petroleum products. Each brand of power steering fluid will have slight variants on the makeup of the ingredients. It is important to make sure that the fluid you are buying is compatible with your car.

What is compress liquid?

A compressed fluid (also called a subcooled fluid) is a fluid under thermodynamic conditions that force it to be a steam. In a plot comparing absolute pressure and specific volume (commonly called a P-v diagram), of a real gas, a compressed fluid is to the left of the liquid-vapor phase boundary; that is, it will be to the left of the vapor dome.Some of the conditions that cause a fluid to be compressed are the following:§ A specific volume lesser than the specific volume of a saturated liquid§ A fluid temperature below the saturation temperature§ A pressure exceeding the saturation pressure§ An enthalpy smaller than the enthalpy of a saturated liquid

Will petroleum jelly conduct electricity?

No, it is a petroleum/wax/oil based compound. Electrons do not freely travel between molecules, in that, it's a dielectric. Similarly to the dielectric fluid in a transformer, petroleum jelly can be used as an insulator. It's thermal conduction isn't as good.

What is the Medical term meaning swelling due to fluid accumulation?

Edema is the medical term meaning swelling due to fluid accumulation.

What is the medical term meaning removal of fluid from the knee joint?

Arthrocentesis is the medical term meaning removal of fluid from a joint.

What is the medical term meaning fluid found within the joint?

synovial fluid

What is the meaning of amniotic fluid?

The fluid that surrounds a developing baby during pregnancy.