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What is the meaning of the Japanese name Nishio?

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2011-09-14 11:02:21

The standard kanji for the Japanese surname Nishio is 西尾.

In this version, "Nishi" means west and "O" is

tail or ridge. It has be described to me as

originally referring to a person from western Japan. However, there

have been warlords with the name Nishio who lived in 遠州 Enshu

(present day western part of Shizuoka Prefecture) which is located

in central Japan.

Alternative answers:

ni can have these meanings


cargo load


red earth

takes after his mother

the number two

shio can have these meanings

ebb and flood



salt water


Without knowing what kanji (symbol) is used to give the name its

"spellling" it's very hard to tell the meaning.

It's a lot like knowing the difference between




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