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What is the meaning of the Portuguese word varejao?

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Varejao is the name of the stick used to pick the olives off of the trees in Portugal.

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What is the meaning of the Portuguese word 'stag'?

Stag is not a portuguese word.

Portuguese meaning of word herdeiro?


How tall is Anderson Varejao?

Anderson Varejao is 6' 11".

What is fungar?

It is the Portuguese verbal word meaning to sniff.

What is the meaning of the word vara in portuguese?

Answer: stick (noun)

Estava meaning of this portuguese word in English?


What is the meaning of the word abril?

The word "abril" is a word in Spanish and Portuguese. The word "abril" simply means "April" in English and the word is used as a surname in Spanish or Portuguese.

What is the definition of perigo?

It's a Portuguese word, meaning danger.

What NBA team does Anderson Varejao play for?

Anderson Varejao plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What position does Anderson Varejao play?

Anderson Varejao plays center for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

How much does Anderson Varejao weigh?

NBA player Anderson Varejao weighs 267 pounds.

What does the name saia means?

Saia is a portuguese word meaning "skirt"

Is marmalade German?

No, it is not. It is derived from the Portuguese word marmelada meaning 'quince jam', which is in turn derived from Portuguese marmelo 'quince'.

What nicknames does Anderson Varejao go by?

Anderson Varejao goes by Andy, Sideshow Bob, and Wild Thing.

What is the meaning of balada?

In Brazil (We speak Portuguese not Spanish) this is a slang word for party.

What is the Portuguese word for gold?

The primary meaning for gold is OURO. dourado(a) is "golden"

Portuguese word preocupado meaning for it in English?

the best translation for 'preocupado' is worried.

How do you say 'you're sexy' in Brazilian Portuguese?

You say you're ''sexy'' , is the same word in portuguese.In fact she would probably understant the word "sexy", but "sexy" IS NOT Portuguese!"Sexy" is quite a recent English word meaning "sensual". And "sensual" is a word of latin origin, which is exactly the same in English and in Portuguese.

How much money does Anderson Varejao make?

NBA player Anderson Varejao made $9036364 in the 2013-2014 season.

What is the English translation of the word desperado?

poo is meaning in freanchThe Portuguese translation for the English word desperadois malfeitor.

Meaning of the portuguese word beijocas in English?

It's a kind way of saying kisses.

What is the meaning of hormones in Portuguese?

you would say hormônios in Portuguese, but.. what do you mean by "meaning"?

What is the country of origin of the word veranda?

Meaning a long balcony or terrace, the origin in uncertain although there is a Hindi word Varanda borrowed from the Portuguese name of the same spelling. Taken by Portuguese navigators during the years of exploration. There is a Spanish word Baranda meaning railing, which may have been adopted from the Latin word Bara meaning barrier or bar

Why is molasses called molasses?

Molasses comes from the Portuguese word melaço which comes from the Latin word mel meaning "honey".

Where does the word pacify originate?

originated from the portuguese word "pacifico" meaning peaceful. That's how the Pacific ocean got its name.